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MOON AND ARIES | Breaking Regimes and Revolutions in Music Across Borders



In a world where the digital space has afforded us the luxury of transcending geographical barriers, MOON AND ARIES, a dynamic international music duo, harnesses this to their advantage. With Jordana Moon in Canada and Tom Aries in Germany, they’ve proved trivia like time zones and borders pose no challenge to their unique, inspired and boundary-pushing musical creation. The duo’s fourth album, “RESOLUTIONS & REVOLUTIONS,” is a testament to their innate ability to authentically create and connect, despite physical distances.

The duo’s recent single, “Traffic,” serves as a metaphorical journey through life’s busy lanes, chronicling a roller-coaster ride of emotions, obstacles, adventures and, above all, resilience. Infused with 80’s and 90’s retro R&B, Soul, Funk, and Smooth Jazz vibes, the tune is characterized by a laid-back rhythm underpinned by silky vocals, funky basslines, and the mellow notes of the saxophone. The song encapsulates their approach to the challenges in life – take control, find your tune, and embrace the journey.

MOON AND ARIES’ music epitomizes storytelling wrapped in multi-genre influences, leaving their audience feeling peaceful and inspired. Digging deep to bring forward emotional honesty, their songs revolve around the themes of introspection, growth, and liberation. Listeners can expect an eclectic mix of sounds and narratives that break the monotony and resonate with real, human experiences.

The magic behind MOON AND ARIES is their seamless collaboration – their unity transcends the 9-hour time gap between Canada and Germany. Their uniqueness lies not only in the fusion of the music they create but also the way they work together through individual home studios, establishing a deep-rooted connect that defies borders and time zones, reflected in each melody and lyric. They owe a chunk of their production finesse to their skillful mixing and mastering engineers, Chris Kung and Francois Rocheleau.

Moon stands as a celebrated singer-songwriter from Western Canada, with her musical wizardry spanning across a wide range of instruments and her significant creative writing background. Tom brings his Classic German roots to bear, with influences from the ’80s synthesizer sounds merging flawlessly with his classical piano training. Together, they are MOON AND ARIES, philosophically sophisticated, rhythmically engaging, and lyrically compelling, raising the bar for music that transcends conventional categorization.

Their latest offering, “Traffic,” is a musical masterpiece. The lyrics paint a vivid tapestry of human sentiments set to a rhythmic pulse that attempts to reflect the complexities of navigating life. It serves as a metaphorical challenge to their listeners – urging them to rise above the noise and keep moving forward, however daunting the road ahead might seem.

MOON AND ARIES’ music catalogue is an impressive array, boasting of 27 songs across all streaming devices. Their tracks ‘Rescued’ and ‘Blurred Vision’ soared into the top 100 of the official DJ-pool charts in the US, while ‘The Arrival’ surpassed over a million streams on Spotify. Contributors on more than 500 radio stations in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia, and America, their omnipresent vibe is undeniable.

Their music is an amalgamation of distinctive sounds, from Electro Pop to Cinematic Synth Pop, Trip-Hop, RnB, and Soul. The duo derives their sonic inspiration from a vast range of legendary artists, leading to creation that’s both retro and futuristic in its appeal. The duo’s assertion of wanting to activate higher spheres of consciousness through their music is representative of their approach – to create music that engages, comforts, and paves paths for inner revolution.

MOON AND ARIES marched gallantly into 2022 with their debut concept album “THE ARRIVAL” and activated “PARADISE” with a 5-song summer EP. They indeed “broke the matrix” with their 9-song concept album in 2023. With their upcoming album “RESOLUTIONS & REVOLUTIONS,” slated for release in 2024, they gear up to prove once again that real artistry knows no bounds.

In essence, MOON AND ARIES offer an innovative, cinematic fusion, rich with earthy soul and electro-pop vibrancy. Their music narrative is a reflection of nostalgia, freedom, and perseverance that they hope will inspire their audience to face life’s traffic with valor and come out victorious. As an amalgamation of modernity with vintage charisma, MOON AND ARIES are indeed an international music phenomenon to watch out for.

Immerse yourself further into the evocative realm of Moon & Aries. Explore their official website to uncover more about the dynamic duo. Fancy listening to “Traffic”? Head to Spotify for an auditory delight. For those seeking a visual treat, their YouTube video featuring authentic art by Ami is a must-watch. Stay tuned with their auditory creations on Soundcloud and subscribe to their YouTube for regular updates. Dive into their musical stories on Apple Music and engage with their journey on Instagram.

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Karasu Merodi | Drumming to the Pulse of Electronic Dreams



Karasu Merodi

Karasu Merodi, born Victor Delacourt, is quickly becoming a standout name in the colorful world of electronic dance music. Far more than just another newcomer in the ever-growing EDM scene, Karasu is part of a new wave of young, inventive talent. With his unique blend of traditional electronic beats and broad, emotive soundscapes, he’s carving out a distinctive niche for himself in a genre that’s all about pushing boundaries and embracing innovation.

Karasu’s journey in music started unusually early. At just five years old, he found himself drawn to the rhythmic allure of drums, marking the beginning of a lifelong affair with music. The turning point came in 2014, influenced heavily by a track from Martin Garrix. This pivotal moment not only defined his musical aspirations but also charted his future path toward becoming an EDM composer. By 2019, Karasu had launched his very own project—Karasu Merodi. This venture was more than just a musical exploration; it was a personal therapy, a medium through which Karasu sought to connect with his inner self and simultaneously evoke profound emotions in his listeners.

Describing Karasu Merodi’s music to a newcomer isn’t a simple task. His tracks are a meticulously crafted blend of traditional EDM and rich electronic textures that create an immersive listening experience. Each composition is layered with pulsating beats, intricate melodies, and atmospheric depths that transport listeners to otherworldly realms. His music is not just heard; it’s felt, resonating with the energetic highs and introspective lows that define the human experience.

Karasu’s artistic output is marked by an eclectic mix of genres. From ambient to chill-out, from chiptune to house, and synthwave, his music is a testament to his versatility and his innate ability to fuse different styles into a cohesive experience. Tracks like “Lover Boy,” “The Heat,” “Reception Light,” “Serenade,” and “Your Love” stand out in his discography, each offering a unique blend of euphoric and meditative vibes that captivate and engage.

April 29 marked the release of his latest EP, “Bedroom Memories Part.4,” a compilation that showcases Karasu’s growth as an artist. This EP spans five tracks, each one uniquely impressive in its own right.

Bedroom Memories Part.4 – Karasu Merodi

Shortly after, on May 8, he introduced his latest single, “Echoes of Two Souls,” which diverges into a slower, more atmospheric style. Featuring a blend of compelling vocals and precise mixing, the track encapsulates the essence of Karasu’s consistent range.

Echoes of Two Souls – Karasu Merodi

Karasu Merodi’s aspirations for his music are both deeply personal and universally resonant. He aims for his tracks to be gateways to joy, escape, and deep connection, helping listeners step away from the mundane and stressful aspects of daily life and into moments of clarity and joy. Whether it’s the empowering rhythm of a dance anthem or the contemplative melody of a slower track, Karasu hopes to leave a meaningful impression on his audience, sparking both personal reflection and shared enjoyment.

In terms of musical influences, Karasu draws inspiration from titans of the EDM and broader music scene. Figures like Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Petit Biscuit, DJ Snake, Don Diablo, and Marshmello have not only influenced his style but also his understanding of music as a dynamic and transformative art form.

Looking ahead, Karasu Merodi is deep in the creative process for his next major project, an album titled “Astral Light.” This upcoming release is shaping up to be a pivotal moment in his career, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his constant evolution. Karasu hints that the album will feature a captivating blend of unforgettable beats and ethereal vibes, poised to challenge what listeners expect and further cement his place in the electronic music scene.

Karasu Merodi loves staying in touch with his fans, regularly sharing updates about his music and personal life. With some exciting new tracks and an album on the way, he encourages everyone to keep an eye on his social media and popular streaming platforms for the latest news. The upcoming album, “Astral Light,” is especially thrilling and is expected to be a game-changer for the rising artist.

For both longtime fans and newcomers, Karasu Merodi brings a fresh and invigorating approach to electronic music, creating a bridge between simple listening enjoyment and deep emotional engagement. His music does more than just fill the air; it invites listeners to explore the full spectrum of human emotions through sound. Karasu’s tracks are designed to be companions for life’s many moments, whether they’re monumental or everyday.

You can follow and connect with Karasu Merodi via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Hubside, and listen to his tracks on Spotify.

As “Astral Light” gets ready to make its debut, Karasu Merodi remains a standout figure of innovation and emotional depth in the vast world of EDM—and beyond.

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Chef Porter Stirring the Pot with ‘de zéro’ | A Blend of Culinary Art and Hip Hop



Chef Porter

Celebrity chef Ed Porter, also known as Chef Porter, is adding a fresh twist to the culinary and music scene with his latest project “de zéro”. Honing his renowned talent for meshing flavors and notes in a gastronomic alchemy, Porter showcases his unique artistry in this one-of-a-kind project.

Master of the kitchens in the hit Netflix series “Pressure Cooker” and Guy Fieri’s much-loved “Guy’s Grocery Games”, Porter’s latest oeuvre marries his multifaceted talents and life experiences. “The de zéro Experience” is a unique take oscillating between the visceral connection of hip-hop and cooking, interpersonal relationships, fatherhood, and navigating personal success. Listeners can find and follow Chef Porter’s journey via Twitter, Youtube, Spotify, Instagram, Apple Music, and TikTok.

de zéro” (From Scratch) is a deeply personal tribute to the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. Chef Porter’s impressive talent has not only been kneaded into the fabric of his dishes but also baked into the heart of his music. The album’s production quality excels in all aspects, from the audio engineering to the mixing and mastering, reflecting a level of polish and professionalism one would expect from top-notch hip-hop artists.

de zéro – Chef Porter

As a Bronx-raised celebrity chef and musician, Porter’s culinary career has always fueled his creative side. But music is yet another vehicle for expression. Fans anticipating the flavorful journey can stream ‘de zéro’ on all popular streaming platforms or obtain the vinyl version soon.

‘Bronx River Pkwy’, ‘Flambé’, ‘Solely Matrimony’, and ‘Thank You’ are among the standout tracks in the 16-song album. Starting with “Mise en place”—a loving monologue from Porter’s mother reminiscing his childhood; the album ends on a deeply personal note with “Thank You”—a heartwarming tribute to Porter’s mother. Every song packs a punch of Porter’s rapper prowess, dishing out spicy cultural hip-hop and culinary references.

Porter’s latest project extends beyond the album. Designed as a unique touring model, ‘The de zéro Experience‘ is a sensory overload where each song from the album is paired with a tailor-made course. Be it an audible or an edible experience, fans are in for a treat.

Chef Porter’s passion for music took root early on when he began writing and producing songs at just 11 years old. To fund his studio time, he turned to cooking, paving the way for his remarkable dual career as a celebrity chef and musician. This unique blend of talents gives fans a delightful taste of his two great passions.

Porter’s culinary career has taken him through the kitchens of some of New York City’s finest dining spots, including Aquavit, Cafe Beulah, and Sweet Ophelia’s. At the heart of his cooking has always been the goal to create memorable experiences, a philosophy that clearly permeates his latest project, “de zéro.”

After graduating from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America, Porter’s journey expanded across national and international settings, deepening his culinary expertise and broadening his skills. With “The de zéro Experience,” Porter demonstrates how seamlessly his culinary flair and passion for hip-hop can merge to craft a truly unique, immersive experience.

As he guides his listeners through this extraordinary adventure, his message is unmistakable: everything starts from scratch—and we’re here for it.

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Claudia TAO and the Rebirth of Classical Music in ‘NIRVANA’



Claudia Tao

Claudia TAO is thrilled to share her debut album ‘NIRVANA,’ set to release this May. Featuring the works of renowned contemporary composer Philip Glass, this classical piano collection dives deep into themes of liberation, peace, and sheer joy. Claudia brings a fresh, artistic take to these pieces, and you’ll be able to find ‘NIRVANA’ on popular platforms like Apple Music and Spotify soon.

The album weaves a story that spans both time and space. Inspired by Bruce Lee’s fluid philosophy of water, Claudia merges elements of music and martial arts to evoke a feeling of both weightlessness and energy. Highlights include three pieces from Philip Glass’s score for the film ‘The Hours’, which celebrate the strength of female identity and human brilliance, mirroring the film’s own narrative. Another standout track is a piece from Glass’s opera “Einstein on the Beach,” which captures a dreamlike repetition reflecting the modern era post-Industrial Revolution.

Embracing the fusion of art and technology, Claudia has ventured into new creative territories by integrating artificial intelligence, specifically AI-generated content, into the “NIRVANA” project. This collaboration has seamlessly blended the tangible and digital worlds, resulting in a unique and innovative album cover that beautifully encapsulates the essence of her visionary project.

Nirvana – Claudia TAO

“NIRVANA” is more than just a showcase of Claudia’s impressive piano skills; it’s a vibrant, concept-driven exploration of the musical landscapes of Philip Glass. This album transcends a mere display of technical prowess by delving into a deeper artistic journey that challenges and reshapes traditional perceptions of Glass’s work, offering a fresh perspective on one of the most influential figures in contemporary classical music.

Set to debut in May on various digital platforms, “NIRVANA” represents an exciting beginning for Claudia. More than just reaching a broad audience, this album seeks to forge a personal connection with each listener, making Claudia’s introduction to the music scene particularly memorable. We couldn’t be more excited to experience it.

As the release date approaches, we invite both longtime fans and newcomers to visit Claudia’s website for the latest updates and more details about the launch. “NIRVANA” is poised to be a transformative experience that merges art and technology in a relentless quest for musical enlightenment. Get ready to be captivated by a journey that promises to be as enlightening as it is unforgettable.

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