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Aishah Newson: It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Picture Perfect



By the time most people graduate from high school, they already know what career paths they want to follow. They know the college degrees they’ll take or the businesses they want to run,  at what age they want to start a family, and for some, even their retirement age. However, it doesn’t always turn out as perfect as planned because real life is so different from what we imagine.

For Aishah Newson, a soon-to-be  MS in Information & Data Science graduate from UC Berkley, the road to figuring out what she wants to do has taken most of her 20s. But she does not regret any of the phases she’s gone through. Instead, she appreciates every step of the way and has gathered lessons to shape her as she builds a career and business for herself.

Mama Is Always Right

When the now 29-year-old Newson was in high school, she was outstanding in math. Her mother noticed it and encouraged her to pursue a math-related course in college. However, in her own words, “Naturally being kids don’t listen to their parents, I didn’t do any of those things!” she went to school and studied entrepreneurship and kinesiology. But this was not disobedience at play; it was her curiosity leading her to experiment with things.

While parents and guardians have seen it all and know what is best for their children, it helps to charter out a path for yourself, especially as you approach adult years. When you realize that life is for the living and that the foundation you lay for yourself as a young person determines the comfort of your future, you work harder to create the life you want.

Many young people make the mistake of living life on other people’s terms. However, it is you that will be miserable for not having followed your own path. Newson supports this idea and comments, “Some might say that’s reckless, I would say it was perfect for my curious soul.” After spending most of her 20s trying something different every year, Newson finally settled for what made her happy and fulfilled.

Follow Your Passion

When Newson started working a perfect 9-5 job, she did not fit in perfectly. She says, “But I wanted more, I didn’t think the job was challenging enough.” She did some soul searching and figured out that she still had coding at heart. She decided to go back to grad school and earn herself a Data Science degree.

See, mama was right after all.

Figuring out what you want to do with life is the breakthrough to a contented and fulfilling life. Most young people lose themselves trying to fit in with what other people think is ideal for them. The 20s should be years of discovery and rediscovery as you search for clarity in your life. When you find the one thing you want to spend the rest of your life doing, go for it passionately.

Put In The Work

Nothing good comes easy, and if you want to build a career for yourself, you have to put in the work. No shortcuts. When Newson got into grad school, she decided to do more than just sit in class and study. She says, “But throughout the program I decided to freelance and consult a bit to keep my skills fresh and keep developing.” She now works for herself handling data analysis, modeling, and visualization stuff.

When you start building a business or a career for yourself, don’t expect to have it all figured out. It is a long journey, so be open to learning. Newson has this to say about her journey, “I must say it is a wild adventure and I’m really enjoying it,. Most importantly, I’m learning shit ton along the way.” Be willing to learn and grow gradually to achieve your dream career or business.

The Company You Keep Matters

While you pursue your goals as a young person, you need to watch out for the wrong company. Only stay close to people who push you to be better and inspire your growth. For Newson, her biggest motivation from a close friend who has worked hard to run their business. Newson says, “It’s just really nice to be close to someone who has been where I am from  a stand point of running your own business and is currently in the space of the direction I want to head in.” if your friends don’t motivate you to do better, you should seriously consider changing your circle.

Newson’s advice to young professionals in her field is, “Study. Create a study schedule and dedicate a few hours per week at least to developing your skills. It takes time & nothing will happen overnight.” Be willing to put in extra work if you want to reap big in the future.

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Hype Clash Agency Rides the Wave of Social Media Influence



Hype Clash / Marketing Agency

The neon lights of Times Square flicker as Travis Minks, founder of Hype Clash Agency, steps out of a yellow cab. He’s just wrapped up another marathon strategy session, his mind still buzzing with hashtags and engagement rates. Welcome to the world of influencer marketing, where likes are currency and trends change faster than New York minute.

Hype Clash burst onto the scene in 2022, riding the wave of a grant that helped them develop their secret weapon: a proprietary platform boasting 270 million influencers. “It was like hitting the jackpot,” Minks grins, his eyes crinkling at the corners. “Suddenly, we had this goldmine of data at our fingertips. It was go time.”

But let’s rewind a bit. Picture this: a cramped office, whiteboards covered in scribbles, and a team fueled by dreams and way too much coffee. That’s where Hype Clash was born. “We were total noobs,” laughs one of the first employees. “But we had this crazy idea that we could shake up the influencer game. And you know what? We kinda did.”

Fast forward to today, and Hype Clash is managing a cool $100 million in marketing budgets. Not too shabby for a company that’s barely old enough to order a drink, right? But in the world of viral trends and fleeting fame, three years might as well be a lifetime.

Just ask Jake, a prominent TikTok personality. “One day you’re blowing up, the next you’re yesterday’s news,” he shrugs, idly scrolling through his phone. “But these Hype Clash folks? They’ve got their finger on the pulse. They know what’s gonna pop before it even bubbles.”

Hype Clash’s approach is a three-act play that would make Shakespeare proud. Act One: Define objectives and scout talent. Act Two: Strategize and execute. Act Three: Track results and optimize. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But as any marketer worth their salt will tell you, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

“It’s like herding cats,” chuckles a brand manager who’s collaborated with Hype Clash. “Except the cats are all Instagram influencers with their own agendas. But somehow, Hype Clash makes it work. It’s kinda magical, to be honest.”

And work it does, from the hipster cafes of Brooklyn to the sun-soaked beaches of Rio. Hype Clash has gone global. They’re like the United Nations of content creation, bringing brands and influencers together in a kumbaya of sponsored posts and story takeovers.

Travis Minks / Hype Clash Agency

But it’s not all about the big fish in this pond. Minks leans in, his voice dropping to a conspiratorial whisper. “You wanna know what really gets me jazzed? The little guys. We once ran this campaign for a mom-and-pop business in Queens. Next thing you know, they’ve got lines out the door. That’s the good stuff right there.”

Of course, in this game, it’s not just about the warm fuzzies. It’s about cold, hard cash. And that’s where Hype Clash’s platform comes in clutch. It’s not just a fancy Rolodex; it’s a one-stop shop for everything from influencer discovery to getting that bread. “It’s like Tinder, but for brands and influencers,” quips one user. “And hopefully with less ghosting.”

But let’s keep it real for a sec. The influencer marketing world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and agencies like Hype Clash are always hustling to stay ahead of the game. “It’s exhausting,” admits one team member, dark circles under their eyes betraying late nights crunching numbers. “But man, when a campaign goes viral? It’s better than any high.”

As the sun dips below the Manhattan skyline, casting long shadows across the Hype Clash office, the grind continues. Phones buzz with notifications, laptops glow in the dimming light, and somewhere, an influencer is crafting the perfect caption for a product that might just break the internet.

In this concrete jungle where dreams are made, Hype Clash is carving out its own little empire. They’re not just riding the wave of influencer marketing; they’re making waves of their own. And in an industry where the only constant is change, that’s saying something.

So, what’s next for Hype Clash? Minks leans back in his chair, a mischievous glint in his eye. “We’re just getting started,” he says, tapping his temple. “The best is yet to come. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeve that are gonna make the industry go ‘Whoa!'”

In the meantime, brands and influencers keep flocking to Hype Clash like moths to a flame, drawn by the promise of that sweet, sweet viral magic. And in the city that never sleeps, Hype Clash keeps burning the midnight oil, ready for whatever curveball the digital world throws their way next.

As night falls on the Big Apple, Minks steps out onto the street, the city’s energy pulsing around him. A notification pings on his phone – another campaign just went live. He smiles to himself. In the world of influencer marketing, there’s no rest for the wicked. But then again, who needs sleep when you’re living the dream?

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A New Hollywood Icon Emerges in Madelyn Cline



Madelyn Cline

Who would’ve thought that a girl from Goose Creek, South Carolina would become one of Hollywood’s hottest rising stars? Yet here we are, watching Madelyn Cline take Tinseltown by storm.

Born in 1997, Cline’s path to stardom wasn’t exactly a straight shot. Sure, she dabbled in modeling and commercials as a kid, but it wasn’t until she made the gutsy move to ditch college that things really started cooking. Imagine telling your parents you’re leaving school to chase your dreams in LA. Yikes!

But Cline’s got moxie, that’s for sure. She packed her bags and headed west, probably with stars in her eyes and butterflies in her stomach. LA’s a tough nut to crack, and Cline found out the hard way just how many aspiring actors are vying for that big break.

Remember those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it parts she had in The Originals and Stranger Things? They might not have set the world on fire, but they were stepping stones. Little did she know, her big break was just around the corner.

Enter Outer Banks. Holy smokes, did that show blow up or what? Suddenly, Cline wasn’t just another face in the crowd. As Sarah Cameron, she became the girl everyone was talking about. It’s funny how life works sometimes – one day you’re scraping by, the next you’re the toast of Netflix.

But fame’s a fickle friend, and Cline’s had to learn to roll with the punches. Red carpets and flashbulbs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be when you’re trying to grab a coffee without being mobbed. Still, she’s handling it like a champ, anxiety and all.

You’ve got to hand it to her – even with all the Outer Banks hullabaloo, Cline’s not resting on her laurels. She’s branching out, taking on meaty roles like her part in Glass Onion. I mean, working with Rian Johnson and Daniel Craig? Talk about a masterclass in acting.

And let’s not forget her Greek adventure during filming. There she was, thousands of miles from home, fumbling with phrase books just to order dinner. It’s almost comical imagining her with Post-it notes full of Greek phrases, trying to communicate with the locals. But hey, that’s how you grow, right?

Looking ahead, Cline’s got plenty on her plate. Outer Banks fans are chomping at the bit for the next season, and rumor has it, it’s going to be a doozy. Family drama, moral dilemmas, the works. Just the kind of juicy stuff Cline can sink her teeth into.

At the end of the day, Madelyn Cline’s story is still being written. Will she be a flash in the pan or a lasting star? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure – she’s got the talent, the drive, and that indefinable ‘it’ factor that makes people sit up and take notice.

So here’s to Madelyn Cline, the small-town girl making it big. Keep your eyes peeled, folks. Something tells me we’re going to be seeing a lot more of her in the years to come. And if you want to keep tabs on her journey, give her a follow on Instagram at @madelyncline. Who knows? You might just catch a glimpse of Hollywood’s next big thing in the making.

Connect and keep up with Madelyn on her instagram here:

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DJ Pope and 574 Studios to Lead the Charge at HackTown 2024



DJ Pope

In the quaint town of Santa Rita do Sapucai, Brazil, just a few hours’ drive from São Paulo—Latin America’s largest city—an event is taking shape that promises to transform the landscape of music and innovation across the region. Since its inception in 2016, HackTown has drawn comparisons to the iconic South by Southwest (SXSW) festival, emerging as a hub of creativity and entrepreneurial zest. Scheduled for its 8th edition from August 1-4, 2024, the festival not only attracts tech enthusiasts and business leaders but also captivates music lovers and cultural aficionados, solidifying its status as a cornerstone event in Latin America.

This year, HackTown is excited to welcome the renowned José David Rivera, better known as DJ Pope, along with his influential label, 574 Studios, hailing from Medellín, Colombia. A pivotal figure in propelling the reggaeton movement within Colombia, DJ Pope’s impact transcends music; he is a cultural titan responsible for transforming Medellín into an internationally recognized nexus of musical innovation. Beyond his personal artistry, DJ Pope is also the trusted partner and key collaborator of global superstar J Balvin. Known for hits like “Mi Gente” and “Ay Vamos,” J Balvin has been crucial in popularizing Latin music worldwide, merging traditional sounds with modern reggaeton to create a fusion that resonates across continents. Together, DJ Pope and J Balvin have crafted a cultural legacy that continues to shape the global music scene.

Established in 2020 by DJ Pope, 574 Studios has quickly become a catalyst for emerging talents in the Latin music scene. The label boasts a roster of dynamic artists including Maxi, Slay Fox, and NAO BTZ, who bring a vibrant mix of trap, hip hop, and traditional reggaeton to the industry, injecting new energy and innovative sounds into the Latin music landscape. At HackTown, these artists, alongside DJ Pope, will not only grace the stage with their performances but will also engage in panels and discussions. They will share their unique creative journeys and insights, offering festival attendees a deeper understanding of the forces shaping today’s music industry.

HackTown 2024 aims to blend various sectors — from corporate giants and media to technology and entertainment — reflecting the multifaceted nature of the festival. By hosting DJ Pope and 574 Studios, the festival not only celebrates reggaeton but also emphasizes its commitment to enhancing the genre’s influence within Brazil, where despite its global popularity, reggaeton has yet to dominate the national charts.

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