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Darlene Jessica: The Brains Behind The Magic Potions



Darlene Jessica is a self-made businesswoman currently kicking it off with a successful brand she founded in early 2022. Like many people, she was also driven by the unavailability or inaccessibility of facilities in the current market or the lack thereof, which fueled her passion and manifested it into a business that now brings in hundreds of customers.

The Story Behind The Reaction Of The Magic Potions:

Despite Magic in the name of her company, her journey to success had no real fairy godmothers granting wishes. Instead, her sheer hard work and determination allowed her to get to a position that let her live her dreams.

Darlene’s story starts with a significant struggle- managing her curly hair. She recounts that she was the only one in her family with curly hair. Hence, it was almost unmanageable for her since no one knew what or how to take care of it the best way. There were no family secrets, and traditions passed down from generation to generation about how to handle her curly hair! So naturally, Darlene tried taming it with chemicals that were, unbeknownst to her, very harsh on her hair and ended up destroying much of it.

Struggling to make it work, she started wearing extensions hoping to manage the hair situation better, but it only worsened things. After years of trying out all the possible remedies in the world that was available at the time, when 2016 rolled around, Darlene figured she had to take things into her own hands.

She started researching different ingredients and formulas that can work for people with curly hair. But first, she decided to chop off her extensions and get a fresh start. With all the information now in her hands, she created different products as a DIY remedy for her hair and started testing them for herself.

And that’s when she started to see drastic changes in her hair.

With the newfound realization, we skip forward to 2019, when Darlene took a trip to Maine and discovered many new things. The one thing that stood out the most for her was seeing people gardening and planting herbs locally, which she was already familiar with. She has been using these ingredients to create her products since 2016.

This sparked an interest in her, and she decided to fuel this new inspiration source. In no time at all, she was already working on ideas about starting her own company. However, nothing transpired for the next 2 years as she was on a self-actualizing journey, trying to find the right mental state for the life journey ahead of her.

The Magic Potions:

By the end of 2021, she was ready to announce her entry into the world of skincare and beauty products. She already had an idea of working with companies like Estee Lauder and L’Oreal, some of the world’s most famous companies.

Hence, when February 16 rolled around in 2022, she launched her company and called it The magic Potions. The inspiration behind the name was a combination of her interest in crystals, tarots, and nature and the “magic” formula that worked for her after years and years of struggling with taming her hair.

Ever since the launch of her business, Darlene Jessica has garnered a loyal customer base for whom she is forever grateful. Although it has been hardly a year since the company has been out to the public, she hopes that she and her fans can take the business to a new level.

Although the company started by selling haircare products, she has since developed this talent and created a skincare line. Her skincare line is mainly focused on dealing with skin problems like hyperpigmentation. Having a lot of hyperpigmentation on her skin, Darlene is the perfect person to be the voice and creator of products that tackle these issues.

Darlene has big dreams and goals to reach a specific place in her career and life, and she hopes to take her business along with her on this journey toward success.

About Darlene Jessica:

Darlene Jessica is not just a successful small business owner but also an artist. She creates art through painting, using resin, and creating displays for the product line she owns. Queen of multitasking, she is a mother of two children and loves going on adventures: including hiking.

In the spirit of a true artist, Darlene loves to learn new things and always motivates herself to learn more than she already knows.

With strong determination and high motivation, Darlene is ready to conquer the world with her vision. Not only is she creative in the field of her business line, but she is also the talk of the town with her unique style and positive attitude that attracts many people.

One of the things that she considers to be the secret ingredient to her success is her no-nonsense principle of life. While she believes she’s fun and outgoing, she also takes things seriously regarding her passion.

All she hopes to give her fans and customers is for them to see the genuine love and passion that she has devoted to building her brand. While the success of her current business is imminent, she is continually working to make things better for herself and her business and always striving to take things a step further.

What’s New With The Magic Potions?

She is currently developing new products that she is planning to launch by 2023, so she has her fans hooked on anticipating new and exciting products.

If you’re a fan, you’ll be pleased to know that she’s releasing some of her seasonal products by the end of the year:

  • The holiday body butter collection
  • The hydrosol collection
  • The chebe hair care collection

You can also check out her website to find customized gift sets for your near and dear ones this holiday season.

Darlene is taking entrepreneurship life to a whole new level. She has and will continue proving to the world that hard work with much self-loving and determination will never go unrewarded. It’s about a “never give up” attitude that has brought her this far and will take her toward her dreams.

Check out the Magic Potions website or follow them on Instagram. You can also follow Darelene on Instagram and stay up to date.

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ViaDerma: Expanding Innovative Transdermal Technology Solutions to $366 Billion Global Markets




In the ever-evolving world of medicine, innovations are constantly emerging to improve patient care and outcomes. One such breakthrough comes from ViaDerma, a pharmaceutical company that has developed a groundbreaking transdermal delivery technology by transforming oral medications into potent topical ointments for rapid, targeted results.

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Christopher Otiko, ViaDerma is committed to providing advanced solutions to the healthcare industry for wound care treatments and a variety of infectious skin diseases, while targeting several global markets worth over $366 billion and growing.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the secrets behind ViaDerma’s cutting-edge technology, the unique features of their lead product, Vitastem Ultra, and the company’s plans for expanding its impact on global markets.

Interview with ViaDerma’s CEO, Dr. Christopher Otiko

What industries do you license your transdermal technology to?

We currently offer our proprietary transdermal technology licensing to leaders within the pharmaceutical, wound care, pet care, and cosmetics industries. Our wound care and infectious skin disease solutions are targeted to helping hospitals, surgery centers, nursing homes, wound care facilities, to veterinarians, sports injuries, and more treat and heal infectious skin diseases to surgical & diabetic wounds too.

What makes your product offerings so special?

A few things, but it’s really all about the chemistry. You see, unlike pretty much all known antibiotics that primarily use what’s referred to as a chemical “mechanism of kill” only, whereby the antibiotic attempts to kill the bacteria slowly by applying more and more of the medicine over a period of time as it is taken as prescribed, whether it’s topical or orally administered. Although this method can be somewhat effective, it takes much longer to perform. Unfortunately, this process allows for bacteria to evolve and develop a resistance to the medicine.

This is where our proprietary transdermal technology behind a product like Vitastem Ultra is different, in that is uses both a chemical and a physical mechanism to fight and kill pathogens. The physical mechanism of kill is a key feature of Vitastem’s strength.

What are a few key product differentiators?

There are many, but here are a few of them…

  • Vitastem Ultra is the only antibiotic in the world that kills with both a physical and chemical mechanism, giving it a unique ability to defeat drug resistant bacteria.
  • Vitastem Ultra kills all known bacteria it has ever been tested against, including common antibiotic-resistant MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria) and Staph Infection.
  • Vitastem Ultra has saved countless patients from amputations, while helping to reduce their hospital stays and increase their life expectancy.
  • Vitastem Ultra has a unique ability to heal and regenerate tissue unlike any other medication on the market.
  • Vitastem Ultra is safe to use for any age group. It’s a Class-1 medical product (in the safest of medical categories) and available for over the counter (OTC). Plus, being a topical antibiotic, it will not harm the kidneys or the good bacteria in the stomach, unlike oral antibiotics.

How did you get started in the medical field?

I got my BS in Biochemistry at Ilorin University in Ilorin, Nigeria. After that, I went on to get my master’s degree in Biochemistry at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater OK. Then, I went on to attend what was then called the California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco, CA where I obtained my Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Nigeria, but I left there when I was about 3 years old. I was raised in London, England and lived there until I was 14. I then moved back to Nigeria where I lived for about 8 more years. While deciding to go chase the “American Dream,” I ended up moving to the US when I was 22 to attend graduate school.

How does ViaDerma plan on penetrating your target global markets?

We’re already pretty active in doing so with targeting our solutions to wound care networks nationwide, along with pursuing opportunities with many hospitals, surgical centers, and universities too. We are in the process of ramping up sales staff and recently hired a top marketing agency to help with brand development and growing the business online too.

The Next Steps for ViaDerma

ViaDerma is revolutionizing the treatments for infectious skin diseases and wound care through its innovative transdermal delivery technology system. The company’s lead product, Vitastem Ultra, boasts numerous unique advantages, including its dual chemical and physical mechanisms of action, its ability to kill all known bacteria it has been tested against, and its skin tissue regeneration capabilities.

With a growing commitment to providing advanced solutions to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, wound care, pet care, and cosmetics, ViaDerma is poised to make a significant impact in several global markets. In addition to these markets, ViaDerma recently announced they will be unveiling a far more advanced hair regrowth formula, Nupelo, which will compete with leading brands on a global scale in 2023. Nupelo will use 5% minoxidil as the active ingredient, along with ViaDerma’s proprietary transdermal delivery system, as they feel this will be the most advanced hair restoration product on the market soon. Not only will it help people reduce their hair falling out, but it will also help regrow their hair too.

The company’s founder, Dr. Christopher Otiko, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the field, with a focus on improving patient outcomes and reducing the risk of complications such as amputations. As ViaDerma continues to grow, it aims to penetrate its target global markets by partnering with wound care networks, hospitals, surgical centers, and universities.

By expanding its sales staff and collaborating with a top marketing agency, ViaDerma is well-positioned to transform the landscape for treating infectious skin diseases and wound care on a global scale.

By offering a powerful, effective, and safe alternative to traditional antibiotics, ViaDerma has the potential to change the way we approach treating skin infections and wounds, especially antibiotic-resistant bacteria like MRSA (flesh-eating bacteria) and staph infection, which are common HAIs (healthcare-acquired infections) that results in millions of needless infections, hundreds of thousands of deaths, and billions of dollars in excess costs to healthcare.

This innovative company is not only pushing the boundaries of current medical technology, but it is also committed to improving the lives of countless patients worldwide. With its unique transdermal technology and dedication to excellence, ViaDerma is quickly becoming an essential player in the future of medicine and health care for billions.

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Empowering Employees Through Mental Health: Joanne Docherty’s Vision for the Future of Companies



Joanne Docherty

Anyone in their right mind would agree that the companies are being run by the CEOs and whoever’s in charge, but do we really talk about the employees that work tirelessly for the future success of these businesses?

While reading about applying positive mental health cultures in the workplace and agreeing that it looks good on paper, it should be enforced dramatically! 

Today, we bring you Joanne Docherty and her company Starra Education, who have massively gained a reputation among corporate and individuals across the globe for being one of the best at what they do.

For some of you unfamiliar with Joanne, she’s quite the overachiever based on her professional accomplishments and educational background. Some would call her an empathetic professional who has helped multiple companies and trained and enlightened individuals on mental health illnesses. 

Joanne Docherty is well known among peers and is not only a tutor at the University of Glasgow but a member of the Scottish Parliament Group For Mental Health.

It is safe to assume that if anyone knows better about mental health illnesses, it’s this superwoman. 

Roots of Joanne Docherty’s Mental Health Advocacy

We now fully understand why Joanne Docherty is who she is today and why this professional is an amazing mental health trainer/consultant. While her work experience and well-built educational background contribute to the success she has achieved, another would be her personal experience in life.

Sadly, Joanne Docherty was born in a family where her mother suffered from a mental disorder we all know, Schizophrenia. Although her mother died before she was 11, she understands the pain and suffering she must’ve gone through alone.

With this personal experience in mind, Joanne passionately works in the field of Mental Health. She fights the good fight of removing the mental health stigma our society still has and helping people in need.

Among the great achievements she’s attained during her 16 years of work, Joanne has worked and works with multiple non-profit organizations to support and help anyone experiencing mental health problems.

However, based on a recent interview with Joanne, she mentioned that she has not stopped educating herself and seeks to improve every day regardless of any previous amazing deeds.

Revolutionizing Mental Health in the Workplace and Beyond

Joanne Docherty created Starra Education in 2018 with a goal in mind. It’s whole purpose was to remove the mental health stigma and promote positive mental health cultures in the workplace.

Without any exaggerations, we can say that it has been a blessing for corporates and individuals in disguise. 

But if you ask us why Starra Education is unique when compared, the simple answer would be that they apply research-based programmes and tailor these to the specific needs of the company. The training is accredited by UK awarding bodies.

Connect with Joanne Docherty and Starra Education today with the links given below. They also have free resources you can use on their official website. Go grab it!

Website for Starra Education

Facebook for Starra Education

Instagram for Starra Education

Twitter for Starra Education

Other links on Linktr. ee

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How Iman Nasser Predicted SVB’s Collapse: Groundbreaking Books Released Just One Month Prior



Iman Nasser

Iman Nasser, a young financial analyst and author shocked the world with his accurate prediction of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). Nasser’s groundbreaking books, released just one month prior to the bank’s collapse, predicted the failure of the bank due to its bad bond investments and the overall bubble of Silicon Valley unicorns and hedge funds.

Nasser’s first book, an ESG investing guide, was a hit at Barnes and Noble. This success encouraged Nasser to release three more books in the same week. The titles of these books were “Bubbles, Spacs & Meltdowns,” “A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Different Kinds of Bond Returns,” and “2008 Financial Crisis”. He even posted a YouTube video titled “Iman Nasser’s Book on Silicon Valley Unicorns and Hedge Funds’ Poor Performance” on March 28th, just one month before SVB’s collapse.

Readers can verify that Nasser’s titles were never changed and were indeed published when he said they were. Nasser’s books caused quite a stir in the financial world, as it was surprising that such a young author could predict such a significant financial event. The news all over the world compared SVB’s collapse to the 2008 financial crisis. CNN, Fox, CNBC, and many other major news outlets had headlines with titles like “Meltdown,” just like Nasser’s book title.
Nasser was interviewed ten times, but he only wanted to talk about ESG investing in February, which was a major contributing factor to his prediction of SVB’s collapse. In addition, two weeks prior to the collapse, Nasser was featured in a magazine called “Silicon Valley Daily,” where he spread the word about his books and what could happen in the future.

To verify the YouTube video, viewers can simply visit Nasser’s YouTube channel and see that the video was indeed uploaded on March 28th, one month before SVB’s collapse.
The collapse of SVB will have a significant impact on the economy. It was a major player in the venture capital industry and was involved in many major tech deals. Many companies and businesses that relied on SVB’s support are now facing significant financial difficulties. Nasser’s prediction of the collapse shows the importance of understanding the risks and bubbles in the financial industry, as well as the importance of being proactive in identifying and mitigating these risks.

In conclusion, Iman Nasser’s accurate prediction of SVB’s collapse is nothing short of genius. Young people rarely have such a deep understanding of the financial industry and its risks, and even fewer have the courage to publish their predictions. Nasser’s books and YouTube videos were released just one month prior to the collapse, and readers can verify that they were indeed published at that time. Nasser’s prediction has made a significant impact on the financial industry, and his books serve as a warning to investors to be cautious and proactive in managing their investments.

Iman Nasser’s foresight and ability to predict the downfall of Silicon Valley unicorns and hedge funds is nothing short of remarkable. His groundbreaking books, released just one month before the collapse, and the accuracy of his predictions have led many to call him a genius. It is rare for someone so young to have such a keen sense of the market and the ability to predict significant market shifts, but Nasser’s accomplishments in this regard are undeniable. By staying ahead of the curve and releasing these books, he not only demonstrated his mastery of the financial markets but also proved that he has an astute understanding of how the economy works. His insight and ability to foresee the impending crash of SVB will undoubtedly serve as a valuable lesson to future investors and analysts.

The director of the US’s economic council is fixated on ESG investing in her meeting with the FED, Braner said in her own words she was not concerned about future bank collapses but said, “As part of our prudential and financial stability responsibilities, we are developing scenario analysis to model the possible financial risks associated with climate change” Which is ESG Investing precisely. Basically, the director of the US’s economic council didn’t predict this collapse but instead, 22-year-old Iman Nasser.

Iman Nasser’s decision to title his YouTube video “Iman Nasser’s Book on Silicon Valley Unicorns and Hedge Funds’ Poor Performance” was a genius move. The title was attention-grabbing, clear, and direct, effectively conveying the message of his prediction. By using such a straightforward title, Nasser made it easy for viewers to understand what his video was about and how it related to the upcoming collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. This helped to attract a wider audience and generate more interest in his books and prediction. Overall, Nasser’s decision to title his video in such a way was a brilliant marketing strategy that effectively showcased his insight and expertise in the financial industry.

For more information on Iman Nasser and his work, visit his website here:

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