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Andrea Harris JR | The Young Strategic Marketing Genius You Haven’t Heard About



Andrea LaKeith Harris Jr, from Tuscaloosa Alabama is nothing short of a remarkable character. Known as “Lebron James” by some of his clients, is quite fitting by his ability to make something out of nothing and scale small brands to numbers forward of $70,000 a month on average with his AI Marketing & PR Firm: Alpha Vertex Agency. Andrea is a strategic marketer who has a proven track record of helping brands achieve their marketing goals. He is known for his ability to develop creative concepts that resonate with target audiences and help brands stand out from the competition. 

 There is a reason you haven’t heard of him until now. He is the founder of “Alpha Vertex Agency” – a private company operating out of Atlanta, GA and the work they’re willing to do resembles something straight out of a James Bond movie.

There are certain parameters his potential clients have to meet before they can become the “Exclusive Alpha Vertex Client” which are included in his network as well to help their brand scale in a revolving manner. It’s structured this way to make sure he can only create quality in his work and for the brands he works with. From making beats in his bedroom and marketing them to sell in order to afford lunch in school, to shooting music videos with many people’s favorite rappers or whether it’s creating an amazing funnel for his business clients through web design with systems that will make their customers happy while giving them clarity and a sense of direction, his influence on others creative direction is force that is soon to be reckoned with.

Andrea comments,

 “ I give my client’s customers exactly what they want on a silver plate, served with extra perks they didn’t even know they wanted. It’s my goal every time. This simple strategy in mind lays out the fundamentals for everything else in scaling my client’s brand.”

Other business owners in his network look to him as a consultant of some sort and they see results within their own brand without him even having to see what’s going on within the brand. 

“I learn a lot from larger companies, tech CEOs, founders, venture capitalists, and acclaimed artisans from the game and it’s never ‘100% my idea’, I just understand what works and what doesn’t, what looks great and what doesn’t specifically for the niche. I developed a deep understanding by being around these people who act as mentors to me so it’s easy to reroute information back to someone who asks me for advice or for me to give my two cents on something that I see that could be in perspective, better than what you have or are doing.”

Andrea’s creative process begins with understanding the brand’s target audience and what they are looking for. He then develops a creative concept that will resonate with the target audience and help the brand stand out from the competition. Andrea works with his team to execute the creative concept, using the latest technology and techniques. He finally reviews the final product and makes sure that it meets the brand’s needs and expectations. “Innovation is my middle name. I am a huge fan of Steve Jobs and I preach his brand vision to my team all the time”

Andrea’s creative process has been very successful in helping brands achieve their marketing goals. He has a proven track record of developing mostly long-term strategic, creative and psychological concepts that resonate with target audiences and help brands stand out from the competition and also maintain their reputation or create a high status rep through PR. 

In addition to his creative skills, Andrea is also a strong networker. He has a close network of partners who are better than him at certain things, and they mentor him and help his clients scale as well. They benefit from being in his network by being able to do things he can not do. This network has been invaluable to Andrea’s future success, and it is one of the key aspects that sets him apart from other marketers. It is no secret that he is truly an undiscovered diamond waiting to be uncovered.

He is without a doubt in mind, a valuable asset to any company that is looking for a strategic marketer who can play chess in real time to achieve their marketing goals. He is a visionary thinker with a proven record of success and definitely someone to keep an eye on in the vast world of marketing. 

Contact Information:

Name: Andrea Harris Jr
Organization: Alpha Vertex Agency

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Army Veteran, Ray Ferguson, Helps Military Entrepreneurs Transition into Business World



Retired Lieutenant Colonel Ray Ferguson, Founder and Owner of Boots in Business

After serving in the U.S. Army for 29 years, Ray Ferguson turned his entrepreneurial passion and expertise into a platform for supporting transitioning military personnel. Through an initiative known as “Boots in Business”, Ferguson guides military veterans to channel their unique skills into prosperous careers in the realm of business and real estate.

Ferguson, who retired in 2017, brings considerable life experience to his current role, having served deployments in Desert Storm, Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. During his stint in the Army, he also spent considerable time in academic settings, teaching at Officer Candidate School, Command & General Staff College, and Lincoln University ROTC Program.

His stellar service record in the military is paralleled by his achievements in the business arena. As the 2024 incoming President of the Southern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Ferguson has been recognized as the 2022 Business Person of the Year both in Petersburg, VA, and by the SOVA Chamber. His entrepreneurial acumen ranges from real estate development to mentoring over 125 business owners and real estate investors.

Among his notable undertakings in the business world, Ferguson spearheaded more than 100 live and in-person real estate meetings between 2017 and 2024, witnessing a growing membership of over 1,500 individuals. As a real estate developer, he successfully flipped over 50 properties while still on active duty or retired.

Today, Ferguson is utilizing his experiences and leveraging the power of digital media to reach and enrich the entrepreneurial journeys of military personnel across the globe. Through the Boots in Business initiative, services like podcasts, blogs, and courses are offered, equipping military members with the skills to transition confidently into the business sphere.

Ferguson’s current projects include the Boot Camp: Real Estate Investing Basics Course and the Basic Training: Entrepreneurship Course, set to be completed by June 2022. He also plans to launch a subscription-based Community Networking group offering weekly real estate and entrepreneurship webinars, in-depth Q&As, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Customers are already applauding the initiative’s effectiveness. Anna Barlow, a realtor, asserts that “Boots in Business is tailored for military members, empowering you with the knowledge and tools to succeed in real estate investing.”

With a mission to aid the smooth transition of military brothers and sisters into the civilian business world, Ferguson’s endeavor seems poised to shape the future of military entrepreneurship.

To learn more, you can engage with the project through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Spotify.

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Unlocking Business Potential With Virtual Coworker | A Game Changer In Remote Staffing Solutions



Grow Your Business With Brilliant Virtual Assistants From the Philippines

Founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Braden Yuill, Virtual Coworker started as a visionary project to bridge the gap between global businesses and the top-notch talent of Filipino professionals. It’s more than just a remote staffing service; it’s a place where meaningful, long-term partnerships are nurtured. The team at Virtual Coworker is dedicated to meticulously selecting highly skilled individuals, ensuring businesses have access to an expansive and exceptional pool of talent.

The professionals brought together by Virtual Coworker are not just skilled; they’re exceptional, ready to support businesses whether on a part-time or full-time basis. Their expertise spans a diverse range of services including social media management, digital marketing, customer service, recruitment, data entry, web development, and much more. What’s more, Virtual Coworker offers the flexibility to scale your team up or down, adapting seamlessly to your evolving business needs.

A standout feature of Virtual Coworker is their commitment to fostering sustainable, long-term partnerships. They’re not in the business of quick fixes. Instead, they focus on carefully selecting the right fit between businesses and virtual professionals, paving the way for lasting success and building strong, trust-based relationships with their global clientele.

Virtual Coworker stands out for its steadfast commitment to quality, a rich diversity of skills, and cost-effective solutions, all supported continuously throughout the partnership. The company takes pride in its ability to tailor services to precisely fit the needs of its clients, ensuring seamless integration and a significant impact on their operations.

Clients of Virtual Coworker can rest easy knowing that recruitment is meticulously managed by an expert team in the Philippines. The use of a proprietary online time tracker ensures that every hour is productive, providing clients with peace of mind and reinforcing the trust and reliability Virtual Coworker is known for.

Education and employee well-being are also key priorities. The team is deeply committed to ongoing training and development programs and actively promotes diversity and inclusion within the workforce.

Founder, Braden Yuill, has always believed in the exceptional potential of Filipino professionals, who have become the cornerstone of Virtual Coworker’s operations, delivering top-tier services worldwide. By employing virtual assistants from the Philippines, businesses not only gain excellent service but also contribute to the local economy, creating valuable employment opportunities and giving back to the community.

The driving force behind Virtual Coworker’s success is Yuill’s passion for entrepreneurship and his continuous pursuit of efficiency and value in business operations. Today, Virtual Coworker remains at the forefront of innovation, celebrating client successes, embracing new technologies, and enhancing communication and project management to meet the evolving needs of businesses globally.

To learn more, you can connect Virtual Coworker through their official website, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Threads, and Twitter.

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Empowering Manchester | The Award-Winning IT Services of Remedian IT



Remedian IT

Born in Manchester, Remedian IT has evolved into an esteemed Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering reliable IT support and advanced technology solutions to businesses across north-west England. With offices in Manchester and Oldham, Remedian extends its services to various locations, including Leeds, Stockport, Bolton, Bury, Huddersfield, Cheshire, Chester, and Saddleworth.

Remedian’s professional team delivers bespoke cloud support, ranging from fully managed services to on-demand assistance. This not only saves businesses time and money, but also allows them to concentrate on their primary objectives. The firm provides a myriad of services including IT infrastructure support, network troubleshooting, application support, cyber resilience, data protection, proactive IT health monitoring, IT consultancy, hardware maintenance, support for Office 365 or Microsoft 365, among other IT solutions.

Remedian IT prides itself on its high level of service delivery, offering friendly, customer-focused remote support and professional advice just a phone call or email away. The firm has particular expertise in providing IT support for schools, understanding the unique requirements of educational institutions and offering comprehensive IT packages tailored to their specific needs.

Beyond standard IT solutions, Remedian also supplies, installs, and maintains IT hardware including servers, desktops, Voice over IP (VOIP), and CCTV equipment. Their real-time monitoring services ensure that servers and infrastructure are continuously evaluated for optimum performance.

Cybersecurity is at the core of Remedian’s services. Applying a proactive strategy, they utilise high-grade anti-phishing and anti-virus technology, coupled with monthly penetration testing, to provide clients with a peace of mind regarding their IT security.

Businesses looking for a reliable IT Support Manchester based Company or a managed cloud support company can find exemplary services at Remedian IT, backed by an award-winning customer service team. Particularly, small business owners can benefit from the firm’s bespoke small business support.

The company initiated its operations 17 years ago, borne from a vision to extend enterprise solutions to small businesses while maintaining exceptional customer service and high-quality support. Today, Remedian IT stands as a leading IT company, enabling businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring their IT infrastructure runs efficiently and reliably.

To learn more about Remedian IT, you can visit their website or follow on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. With Remedian IT, businesses can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that their IT concerns are handled by industry experts.

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