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Clean Energy Revolution | The SECE™ Energy Wave with Ulrich Ndilira Rotam



In a world clamoring for innovative solutions to the looming climate crisis, one genius stands tall. Meet Ulrich Ndilira Rotam, the man behind the promising SECE™ ENERGY TECH: SOYOS ENVIRONMENT CLEAN ENGINE.

Hailing from Africa and now residing in the USA, Rotam is an immigrant with a treasure trove of talent. With an illustrious background spanning physics, cosmology, energy, and climate change solutions, he’s no stranger to the global energy conversation. His impressive track record, from a decade in the oilfield industry to numerous certifications and distinctions, paints the portrait of a relentless innovator. The world recognized his expertise when he was spotlighted by Marquis Who is Who in America 2022-2023 in Sciences, Research, Technologies, and Engineering. Rotam’s pursuits always gravitate toward the profound questions in science, the ones that challenge conventions and push boundaries.

So, what’s the latest marvel from this inventive powerhouse? Dive into the realm of IRIDCCS TECHNOLOGIES LLC, where Rotam’s brainchild, SECE™ ENERGY, promises a new dawn in clean energy.

Let’s cut through the jargon: SECE™ ENERGY is an engine harnessing the power of Air, Sand, and Water (ASW). These abundant resources are combined in a never-before-seen dance of science to power this game-changing engine. It operates via four intricate cycles: Clean Intake Stroke, Clean Power Stroke, Brake-pump-Containment Clean Stroke, and the Reset travel back Clean Stroke. Each of these cycles leverages one of the ASW components, enabling a system that proudly boasts zero emissions and operates in a noise-sensitive environment. The sheer brilliance of this technology challenges the known laws of physics and chemistry.

One might wonder, “Why is SECE™ ENERGY creating such waves in the energy sector?” Well, besides its pioneering use of ASW as a noncombustible fuel, this energy marvel offers a myriad of advantages. It presents an antidote to carbon emissions, offering a more environmentally friendly solution compared to existing clean energy alternatives. From the electrification of steel, cement, and transportation industries to its bird-friendly design, SECE™ ENERGY exemplifies innovation with a conscience.

The statistics back the buzz. This engine can produce more than 100 MW using less than 2 acres of land. This is a stark contrast to solar farms and wind power, which require 640 and 75 acres respectively. What’s more, this technological triumph wasn’t birthed overnight; it’s the fruit of 15 years of rigorous research and development.

The state of New Mexico (NM) stands to benefit immensely. Not only does this engine position NM at the forefront of the global clean energy race, but it also promises job creation, reduced utility costs, and a significant step toward combating climate change. With prototypes already built and tested successfully, IRIDCCS TECHNOLOGIES is gearing up to bring SECE™ ENERGY to market. They’re currently seeking the support of investors and grantors who recognize the potential of this transformative technology.

While SECE™ ENERGY stands as a paragon of innovation, the broader narrative extends beyond the boundaries of pure technology. Today’s urgent call echoes for increased and active participation from diverse societal sectors. Policymakers, with their sway over regulatory landscapes, have a golden chance to integrate such pioneering technologies into the framework of national and global energy strategies. Their decisions can foster an environment where groundbreaking solutions don’t just survive but thrive.

Funding bodies, both public and private, hold the keys to resources. These organizations, by choosing where to allocate their investments, send a powerful message about their commitment to our planet’s future. Investing in clean energy technologies, especially ones as transformative as SECE™ ENERGY, is not merely about profit; it’s a tangible step towards safeguarding our planet for future generations.

Additionally, the role of the general population cannot be overstated. Every individual, as a consumer, a voter, or even as an influencer within their community, has the power to push the momentum further. Public support and interest can drive increased media attention, influence policymakers, and even attract potential investors.

Climate change, after all, doesn’t discriminate. Its impacts reverberate across borders, sectors, and individuals. It’s not a challenge for a solitary inventor, a lone country, or a singular industry. It’s a collective endeavor, one that demands collaborative resilience. And by rallying behind visionaries like Rotam and innovations like SECE™ ENERGY, all stakeholders can unite in a shared mission: steering our beloved planet towards a sustainable, brighter future.

For a deeper dive into this groundbreaking research, explore here. Other reports lauding this invention can be found on Big News Network and Vents Magazine.

In Ulrich Ndilira Rotam’s words, “I trust and believe that invention is the hidden flexibility of natural concept.” And with SECE™ ENERGY, he has masterfully woven together nature’s elements to offer hope in the face of our planet’s biggest challenge.

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Empowering Manchester | The Award-Winning IT Services of Remedian IT



Remedian IT

Born in Manchester, Remedian IT has evolved into an esteemed Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering reliable IT support and advanced technology solutions to businesses across north-west England. With offices in Manchester and Oldham, Remedian extends its services to various locations, including Leeds, Stockport, Bolton, Bury, Huddersfield, Cheshire, Chester, and Saddleworth.

Remedian’s professional team delivers bespoke cloud support, ranging from fully managed services to on-demand assistance. This not only saves businesses time and money, but also allows them to concentrate on their primary objectives. The firm provides a myriad of services including IT infrastructure support, network troubleshooting, application support, cyber resilience, data protection, proactive IT health monitoring, IT consultancy, hardware maintenance, support for Office 365 or Microsoft 365, among other IT solutions.

Remedian IT prides itself on its high level of service delivery, offering friendly, customer-focused remote support and professional advice just a phone call or email away. The firm has particular expertise in providing IT support for schools, understanding the unique requirements of educational institutions and offering comprehensive IT packages tailored to their specific needs.

Beyond standard IT solutions, Remedian also supplies, installs, and maintains IT hardware including servers, desktops, Voice over IP (VOIP), and CCTV equipment. Their real-time monitoring services ensure that servers and infrastructure are continuously evaluated for optimum performance.

Cybersecurity is at the core of Remedian’s services. Applying a proactive strategy, they utilise high-grade anti-phishing and anti-virus technology, coupled with monthly penetration testing, to provide clients with a peace of mind regarding their IT security.

Businesses looking for a reliable IT Support Manchester based Company or a managed cloud support company can find exemplary services at Remedian IT, backed by an award-winning customer service team. Particularly, small business owners can benefit from the firm’s bespoke small business support.

The company initiated its operations 17 years ago, borne from a vision to extend enterprise solutions to small businesses while maintaining exceptional customer service and high-quality support. Today, Remedian IT stands as a leading IT company, enabling businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring their IT infrastructure runs efficiently and reliably.

To learn more about Remedian IT, you can visit their website or follow on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. With Remedian IT, businesses can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that their IT concerns are handled by industry experts.

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From Immigrant to Innovator | Monica Tuccella’s Journey to Success



Monica Tuccella

In Boston, Massachusetts, marketing agency Seolvit stands out as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and resilience of its founder, Monica Tuccella. Originating from Venezuela, Monica faced the daunting challenge of relocating permanently to the U.S. amidst worsening conditions in her home country. Despite cultural and linguistic barriers, she dedicated herself to mastering marketing, transforming her initial goal of securing simple employment into a visionary enterprise.

Monica launched Seolvit by initially sharing marketing content on Instagram, which quickly attracted her first clients. Today, the agency specializes in delivering custom digital marketing solutions that enhance visibility, increase sales, and strengthen online presence for various businesses. Under Monica’s leadership, Seolvit has achieved remarkable success. The agency has helped clients generate over $100 million in revenue, and separately, it played a pivotal role in securing an $80 million government contract.

Seolvit’s impact is amplified by its commitment to empowering business owners with strategic knowledge. Monica emphasizes transparency and empowerment, ensuring each client is equipped to navigate their business landscape effectively. The company’s involvement extends to consulting for over 300 entrepreneurs, each engagement reflecting its dedication to enabling businesses to flourish.

Monica’s journey extends beyond business success. She actively supports the Hispanic community through Instagram, providing marketing tips, free resources, and strategic advice, particularly targeting Latino and minority women. Through these efforts, she passionately encourages them to pursue their dreams vigorously.

Her latest initiative involves developing a comprehensive marketing course tailored for beginners, with a special focus on Spanish speakers. This course aims to equip aspiring marketers with essential skills, reinforcing Seolvit’s dedication to fostering growth and success.

Monica’s personal narrative is one of overcoming significant challenges—adapting to new cultural norms and mastering a new language, to graduating Magna Cum Laude from Bentley University. She is now a respected business leader and mentor, inspiring a broad audience of Latina entrepreneurs and minorities worldwide.

Beyond her direct business endeavors, Monica engages in mentorship with organizations like Hope Community Development Corporation in Springfield, eForAll in Lynn, and the Latino Economic Development Corporation. Her story serves as a profound source of inspiration and a powerful illustration of how perseverance, passion, and belief in oneself can lead to remarkable achievements, showcasing the transformative potential of immigrants in their new communities.

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Geek3 | Unraveling IT Complexities for Small Businesses



Founder & CEO of Geek3, Erik Herrera

Established in 2009, Gainesville-based company Geek3 has been breaking down complex IT jargon and providing simple, effective solutions for small businesses in North Central Florida.

Erik Herrera, the founder, and CEO of Geek3 recalls the inception of his venture during the summer of 2009. Having nurtured a small client base over the years, he set out to debut a business that places emphasis on maintaining uncompromised simplicity in managing IT infrastructure, with a promise of “no techy talk.”

After deliberating between three potential company names and corresponding logos, Herrera decided to ask his clients for their opinions. The result was a unanimous vote in favor of the name ‘Geek3.’ Today, Geek3 offers a suite of services, including managed IT, cybersecurity, cloud services, and residential services, delivered by a team of friendly IT superheroes, who prioritize their clients’ success.

Geek3 takes a proactive approach to network monitoring and computer management at small businesses. They offer clients a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy using best-in-class services. This approach helps clients focus on their core business activities undistracted, confident that their technology is in capable hands.

In addition to business IT services, Geek3 lends a helping hand to residents needing assistance with a range of technology issues. These include WiFi, routers, printers, computers, televisions, and smart devices. An extremely friendly help desk system underpins Geek3’s service offering. There, skilled technicians offer remote support via phone, email, or chat, round the clock.

Geek3 places significant emphasis on preventing network issues even before they surface, ensuring the smooth operation of their clients’ businesses. This careful approach, combined with remote monitoring, helps mitigate costly downtime – which is paramount in today’s day and age.

Geek3’s current projects focus on staying updated with the latest cybersecurity threats. This allows the team to equip their clients with the necessary measures to stay secure. The company has also curated a diverse selection of IT services, from general IT services to WordPress and VoIP phone services, addressing different needs of their clients efficiently.

Not only is Geek3 passionate about delivering beyond-impressive IT support and services, but they are also passionate with their locality. Over the years, they have showcased their affection for Gainesville, deriving inspiration from the city’s vibrant bird population. The company even orchestrated a backyard bird camera to enjoy nature’s sounds within the office, a source of pride featured in the local bird store and Alachua Audubon’s Backyard Birding Tour.

Geek3 takes an active approach to shield businesses from data breaches and Day-0 attacks. They also offer disaster recovery solutions, aimed at minimizing downtime and overall losses.

Erik Herrera (founder/ceo), like a true tech enthusiast, interacts with customers and helps them navigate their devices fluently. His leadership style centers around empathy, trust, and growth. He proudly introduces a touch of humor into the workplace as well – creating an engaging atmosphere.

Geek3 is all about taking the stress out of IT for small businesses. They’re dedicated to smoothing out tech troubles and ensuring your business runs without a hitch. To make staying in touch and tackling technological challenges easier, they invite their clients to reach out via their website, connect on LinkedIn, follow along on Facebook, or tweet to them on Twitter. Plus, you can stay in the loop with all their latest news by signing up for their newsletter.

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