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Dr. Ronda Stinson Boyd | An Insightful Voice in Coaching



In this interview with Dr. Ronda Stinson Boyd, we delved into her strategies for staying abreast of the latest trends and developments in the coaching industry. With a focus on financial services, particularly infinite banking, Dr. Boyd shared her dedication to continuous insurance training and extensive reading to ensure she provides the best guidance to her clients. Guided by multiple coaches across various industries, including insurance and authorship, Dr. Boyd emphasized the importance of mentorship in effective coaching.

Addressing skepticism about coaching benefits and investments, Dr. Boyd highlighted the misconception of self-sufficiency and the transformative role coaches play in unlocking one’s full potential. Drawing from personal experience, she underscored the multidisciplinary support essential for navigating life’s challenges.

Dr. Boyd’s coaching philosophy centers on innovation and inclusivity. By incorporating clients’ children into the coaching process, she facilitates shared learning experiences, nurturing future generations. Her commitment to empowering clients extends to patiently guiding them through gradual adoption of new practices, ensuring lasting transformation.

Reflecting on her journey as an author, Dr. Boyd emphasized the familial approach to coaching, recognizing the importance of involving children in the learning process. Envisioning the future, she aims to expand her reach across generations, empowering families nationwide with financial literacy and strategic guidance.

Inspired by a desire to break cycles of financial stagnation, Dr. Boyd’s coaching practice focuses on instilling a mindset of abundance and equipping clients with practical tools for wealth creation. Through her holistic approach, she seeks to empower individuals to transcend financial constraints and leave a legacy of prosperity for future generations.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the coaching industry to ensure your clients receive the best guidance possible?

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the coaching industry is crucial, especially since my coaching focuses on financial services, particularly infinite banking, which is an insurance product. I have continuous insurance training as an insurance professional. Additionally, I read extensively—there are some excellent books on infinite banking available. Regarding the coaching aspect, I am guided by multiple coaches: one within the insurance industry and another in the author industry. In fact, I have three coaches. For the author and speaker part of my brand, I am a part of Taurea Vision Avant Mastermind in the Book Profits Club, which is a strategic vision of growth. For the mindset aspect of my business, I am under the mentorship of Mary Morrissey with the Brave Thinking Institute. The objective here is to enable everyone to live lives they love. In the insurance sector of my business, my business partner and coach is Dr. Vernaka Murphy, who keeps me informed about all things insurance. Part of being an effective coach involves having mentors ourselves. Just as advisors benefit from guidance, I believe everyone in every industry needs a mentor—someone who has achieved success and can share their wisdom. Being in the right place at the right time means that the right person will find you. Thus, it’s essential to ensure you’re fulfilling your calling so that those meant to help you can indeed find you.

Many people are hesitant to seek coaching. What would you say to those who are skeptical about its benefits and the investment required?

Many people are hesitant to seek coaching, often questioning its benefits and the investment it demands. A common misconception is the belief in self-sufficiency, that one can achieve everything alone. However, it’s important to understand that we are not meant to traverse life’s challenges in isolation. The skills and talents we possess are not solely for our benefit; they’re meant to be shared with and complemented by others. Therefore, seeking a coach is not a sign of weakness but a step toward realizing our full potential. Each individual can find a coach uniquely suited to their needs, but it’s crucial to connect with someone who can elevate you to the next level. This doesn’t mean you’ll be tied to the same coach throughout your life; as you progress, your needs will evolve, necessitating a change in guidance. A proficient coach not only sees beyond the immediate turmoil of your life but also identifies and cultivates your potential. Often, they start with addressing your mindset, challenging long-held beliefs to uncover the root causes of certain behaviors. This is crucial because changing patterns ingrained over decades requires significant effort and time. Reflecting on my personal experience, leaving the corporate world after 30 years to start my own business warranted the support of multiple coaches. Initially, a therapist helped me transition out of my corporate mindset. Following that, a business coach organized my myriad ideas into a coherent plan. Finally, a legal advisor ensured that my venture complied with all necessary regulations. This multidisciplinary team was instrumental in my journey, illustrating that coaching transcends mere advice—it’s about building a supportive ecosystem around you. Coaching involves an investment, not just financially but in terms of time and openness to share your aspirations with someone who can guide you towards achieving them. The benefits, however, far outweigh the costs. With a coach, you gain a cheerleader, motivator, and educator—all roles aimed at keeping you focused amidst life’s distractions. The right coach feels like an extension of yourself; there’s a synergy and understanding that fosters remarkable growth. In conclusion, coaching is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to not just dream but to actualize those dreams into tangible successes.

In your opinion, what are the essential qualities or characteristics that make a successful coach, and how do you nurture these traits in yourself and your clients?

In my opinion, the qualities that contribute to my success as a coach include the innovative approach of incorporating students—the children of my clients—into the coaching platform. This methodology offers a unique value proposition; I am effectively coaching two generations simultaneously. My belief is grounded in the principle that learning through teaching is one of the most effective ways to internalize new concepts. Thus, I position myself as an application coach, emphasizing actionable activities rather than merely dispensing advice. This approach allows my clients and their children to partake in a shared learning experience. To nurture these traits in myself, I ensure that I practice what I preach. I have grandchildren, and I engage with them in the same manner as I advise my clients, thus taking on the dual role of coach and client. This hands-on approach helps me pass valuable lessons down to yet another generation. When it comes to nurturing these traits in my clients, patience is key. I understand that adopting new practices can be daunting, especially when they diverge from one’s regular routines. Therefore, I introduce concepts gradually, breaking them down into manageable, digestible segments. This method eases clients into the process, making it less overwhelming. Patience and understanding are fundamental, recognizing that although my clients may be familiar with these concepts theoretically, applying them in everyday life is a whole different challenge.

How has your experience as an author influenced your coaching techniques and strategies?

My experience as an author has significantly influenced my coaching techniques and strategies. The author’s journey has truly transformed my thought process regarding my coaching. Originally, my coaching practice was aimed solely at adults and parents. However, as I began writing my book, I realized that it needed to be a family affair. This recognition led me to broaden my approach, ensuring that my coaching techniques and strategies targeted not just the parents but also included the children. This inclusive approach helps children understand what is happening, which is crucial for passing knowledge to the next generation. Although I may initially engage with a parent, my ultimate goal is to ensure that their children comprehend the process they are undergoing. Part of my strategy involves assigning activities that parents and children can do together. Even if I don’t have direct contact with the students, the assignments I provide ensure that parents involve their children. For example, part of their homework might be, “This week, you need to do this activity with your child.” This method strengthens the familial bond and ensures that the lessons learned during coaching sessions have a lasting impact on both generations.

What do you envision for the future of your coaching business, and how do you plan to evolve and adapt to changing market demands?

Envisioning the future of my coaching business involves touching generations within families across the United States. It may start with the parents, but the goal is to eventually involve their children, making my coaching business truly a family affair. To remain effective and relevant, my plans include staying abreast of the latest trends and markets in financial literacy and other pertinent topics to help families. It’s essential for me to proactively inform my clients about changes and effective strategies in the marketplace. While the concept of infinite banking, which is a core part of what I do, has been around for a long time, its benefits have not been widely communicated in many communities. Therefore, my goal is to ensure that communities are informed and remain up-to-date as new developments arise and as market demands shift. With the anticipated market changes and the growing demand, I foresee an expansion of my team. My aim is to empower others to enter this space and teach, as imparting knowledge is one of the best ways to learn.

What inspired you to start your coaching business, and what specific areas do you focus on in your coaching practice?

What inspired my coaching business was the realization that there are not many financial coaches out there, and I was tired of seeing people trapped in the same life cycle as their parents, not believing they could become millionaires or leave generational wealth. People weren’t talking about debt or investing, yet you could see the burden of it all weighing on them, and life just kept moving without change. This was an opportunity for me to step into a space where it’s not widely discussed, but where there’s a clear need for help. One of my biggest inspirations is my grandchildren. The idea that you should leave generational wealth for your children’s children is something I hold dear, and with five grandkids, I know my family is in a better place. However, how long can this last if we’re not teaching them financial literacy, or teaching others the same? My specific approach always starts with the mindset surrounding the emotional aspect of money and how it influences our thoughts and day-to-day life. Then, I provide the tools necessary for getting out of debt and building wealth simultaneously.

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Crystal Mance | Pioneering Pathways Through Personal Development



Crystal Mance - Wellness Advocate and Personal Development Speaker

Embarking on a transformative journey in the personal development industry, Crystal Mance shares her compelling voyage from experiencing personal burnout to becoming a beacon of hope and guidance for women facing similar challenges. With a divine calling to address the often overlooked issue of mental and emotional burnout, Crystal has dedicated herself to advocating for awareness and support for those ensnared in the grips of this condition. Through her work as an author, speaker, and coach, she provides not only a voice but a solution for the silent struggle that afflicts many. This article delves into Crystal’s unique approach to coaching, emphasizing the personalized, empathetic, and holistic strategies that set her apart in a crowded field. Drawing from her own experiences and a deep well of compassion, Crystal crafts a coaching experience that is not just about overcoming challenges but about fostering a journey toward well-being, balance, and contentment. Join us as we explore the philosophy, techniques, and profound insights that Crystal Mance brings to the personal development industry, offering a fresh perspective on healing, growth, and transformation.

Can you introduce yourself and share your journey as an author and coach in the personal development industry?

Hey, I am Crystal Mance, and I help women heal from mental and emotional burnout. My journey as an author, speaker, and coach was ignited by a profound divine calling to share my personal ordeal with burnout. I recognized the scarcity of discussions around burnout, a condition that affects over 48% of women unknowingly. This realization fueled my fervent desire to become a prominent advocate in this realm. I am compelled to communicate, write, and guide, all with the aim of helping individuals identify and address their experiences of burnout, while also offering support to those who might be undergoing similar struggles. My ultimate goal is to elevate awareness concerning burnout and ensure that those grappling with its impact find the support and encouragement to conquer it. Through the sharing of my own narrative and insights, my ambition is to create a significant influence in the lives of others, equipping them with the means to reinstate equilibrium, well-being, and contentment.

In your experience, how do you handle setbacks or difficult moments in your coaching business, and what lessons have you learned from them?

From my accumulated experience, managing setbacks or challenging moments within my coaching enterprise involves addressing recurring hurdles that my clients face. One notable difficulty revolves around guiding them towards a candid appraisal of their present circumstances and the areas in which they encounter difficulties. Understanding the necessity of releasing certain obligations and making their well-being a priority can prove to be a daunting task. Many of my clients find themselves ensnared in a “Superwoman” mindset, hesitating to part with their symbolic capes. Nevertheless, I remain steadfast in my conviction that acknowledging these challenges serves as the initial stride toward recovery and personal evolution. It’s imperative for them to comprehend that relinquishing control does not equate to task abandonment; rather, it’s about instilling trust in others and fostering a more harmonious balance in their lives.

To facilitate their progress toward healing, I often employ practical techniques. One approach involves encouraging them to take stock of their current tasks and responsibilities. If they find themselves with an overwhelming number of obligations or need extra space, it becomes clear that our focus should be on setting boundaries and reevaluating priorities. This process empowers them to gain clarity, identify areas needing adjustment, and lays the groundwork for positive transformations in their lives. Through my experience, I’ve come to realize that everyone’s journey to healing is distinct. It’s crucial that I provide them with the necessary room, understanding, and time to navigate their healing process.

Besides your professional achievements, are there any personal values or philosophies that have significantly influenced the way you run your coaching business?

Absolutely, in addition to my professional accomplishments, several personal values and philosophies have profoundly shaped the way I operate my coaching business. Foremost, integrity is a guiding principle for me. I firmly believe in maintaining honesty and authenticity in all interactions with clients and colleagues. This core value ensures that the guidance I provide is founded on trust and transparency. Moreover, compassion for our clients is a driving force. Recognizing the challenges and struggles they face, I approach my coaching practice with empathy and a genuine desire to support their well-being. This empathetic approach fosters a strong sense of connection and enables me to tailor my guidance to their unique needs. Accountability is another cornerstone of my coaching philosophy. Holding myself accountable for the promises I make to my clients reinforces their trust in the process. I encourage them to hold themselves accountable as well, creating a collaborative environment that drives progress and growth. In essence, these values—integrity, compassion, empathy, and accountability—combine to create a holistic approach to coaching that not only focuses on professional success but also emphasizes the well-being and personal growth of my clients.

What makes your coaching style stand out in the crowded field of personal development, and what distinct benefits do you provide to your clients?

My approach to coaching is deeply influenced by my own battles with mental and emotional burnout. This personal history ignites a genuine passion within me to support others facing similar adversities. This personal insight not only distinguishes my methods but also enhances my ability to connect authentically with those I guide. My clients often see their own stories reflected in mine, which helps them feel understood and less alone. At the core of my methodology is a commitment to customization. Understanding that each person’s path to growth is unique, I carefully adapt my techniques to match the individual goals and challenges of each client, ensuring that my support is both pertinent and impactful.

I also place a significant emphasis on empathy. By dedicating time to fully understand the situations and feelings of my clients, I create a trusting environment where they can openly share their experiences and challenges.

This empathetic engagement strengthens our connection, allowing me to offer not just advice but insights that are sympathetic to their emotional state. My proactive, goal-oriented coaching encourages clients to define clear, attainable goals. Together, we develop actionable plans that not only address immediate barriers but also foster long-term empowerment and accountability.

Moreover, my coaching philosophy incorporates a holistic viewpoint. I stress the importance of nurturing both personal and professional aspects of life, advocating for a balanced approach to success. This comprehensive strategy not only advances their career but also improves their overall well-being.

Ultimately, the value I bring lies in merging these personalized, empathetic, proactive, and holistic strategies to propel my clients towards transformative, sustainable success and fulfillment. This blend ensures that their journey with me is not just about overcoming hurdles but also about achieving a thriving, balanced life.

Media Contact:
Crystal Mance

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Geek3 | Unraveling IT Complexities for Small Businesses



Founder & CEO of Geek3, Erik Herrera

Established in 2009, Gainesville-based company Geek3 has been breaking down complex IT jargon and providing simple, effective solutions for small businesses in North Central Florida.

Erik Herrera, the founder, and CEO of Geek3 recalls the inception of his venture during the summer of 2009. Having nurtured a small client base over the years, he set out to debut a business that places emphasis on maintaining uncompromised simplicity in managing IT infrastructure, with a promise of “no techy talk.”

After deliberating between three potential company names and corresponding logos, Herrera decided to ask his clients for their opinions. The result was a unanimous vote in favor of the name ‘Geek3.’ Today, Geek3 offers a suite of services, including managed IT, cybersecurity, cloud services, and residential services, delivered by a team of friendly IT superheroes, who prioritize their clients’ success.

Geek3 takes a proactive approach to network monitoring and computer management at small businesses. They offer clients a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy using best-in-class services. This approach helps clients focus on their core business activities undistracted, confident that their technology is in capable hands.

In addition to business IT services, Geek3 lends a helping hand to residents needing assistance with a range of technology issues. These include WiFi, routers, printers, computers, televisions, and smart devices. An extremely friendly help desk system underpins Geek3’s service offering. There, skilled technicians offer remote support via phone, email, or chat, round the clock.

Geek3 places significant emphasis on preventing network issues even before they surface, ensuring the smooth operation of their clients’ businesses. This careful approach, combined with remote monitoring, helps mitigate costly downtime – which is paramount in today’s day and age.

Geek3’s current projects focus on staying updated with the latest cybersecurity threats. This allows the team to equip their clients with the necessary measures to stay secure. The company has also curated a diverse selection of IT services, from general IT services to WordPress and VoIP phone services, addressing different needs of their clients efficiently.

Not only is Geek3 passionate about delivering beyond-impressive IT support and services, but they are also passionate with their locality. Over the years, they have showcased their affection for Gainesville, deriving inspiration from the city’s vibrant bird population. The company even orchestrated a backyard bird camera to enjoy nature’s sounds within the office, a source of pride featured in the local bird store and Alachua Audubon’s Backyard Birding Tour.

Geek3 takes an active approach to shield businesses from data breaches and Day-0 attacks. They also offer disaster recovery solutions, aimed at minimizing downtime and overall losses.

Erik Herrera (founder/ceo), like a true tech enthusiast, interacts with customers and helps them navigate their devices fluently. His leadership style centers around empathy, trust, and growth. He proudly introduces a touch of humor into the workplace as well – creating an engaging atmosphere.

Geek3 is all about taking the stress out of IT for small businesses. They’re dedicated to smoothing out tech troubles and ensuring your business runs without a hitch. To make staying in touch and tackling technological challenges easier, they invite their clients to reach out via their website, connect on LinkedIn, follow along on Facebook, or tweet to them on Twitter. Plus, you can stay in the loop with all their latest news by signing up for their newsletter.

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Empowering the Next Generation: How Dr. Veirdre Jackson Transforms Education and Coaching



Dr. Veirdre Jackson

In the realm of personal development, few voices are as compelling and transformative as that of Dr. Veirdre Jackson. With over two decades of dedicated service, Dr. Jackson stands at the forefront of educational training, specializing in trauma-informed practices and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB). Her journey from a seasoned educator to an award-winning author, entrepreneur, and revered coach in the personal development industry encapsulates her unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of youth, families, and professionals across the educational spectrum.

Driven by a purposeful passion to advocate for the highest standards of education for all children, Dr. Jackson leverages her extensive experience with systems-based approaches—such as Trauma Awareness, Equity Literacy, the Resiliency Approach, and Positive Behavior and Intervention Strategies—to build organizational resilience and personal strength. Her innovative Relational Coaching model, rooted in the fundamental need for human connection—feeling safe, valued, and heard—sets her apart in a crowded field. By focusing on creating environments where everyone can thrive, Dr. Jackson not only navigates the challenges of her coaching business with grace and adaptability but also imparts vital lessons on growth, resilience, and the power of a supportive community.

Dr. Veirdre Jackson’s story is not just one of personal success but a testament to the transformative power of dedicated educational leadership and the relentless pursuit of impact.

Can you introduce yourself and share your journey as an author and coach in the personal development industry?

Dr. Veirdre Jackson embodies her deep-seated conviction that every child is entitled to unparalleled educational opportunities. As a distinguished author, educator, and businesswoman, she stands out in her field for her contributions to trauma-informed education and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) strategies. With more than two decades of experience in education, she offers invaluable guidance to leaders of nonprofits and corporate entities alike.

Her expertise in adopting systemic approaches for enhancing trauma awareness, promoting equity literacy, implementing resilience-building practices, and encouraging positive behavioral interventions has fueled her drive to foster organizational and individual resilience among children, families, and educational professionals. Dr. Jackson is dedicated to empowering teachers, school leaders, therapists, and personnel involved in youth development with the tools and insights needed to transform the lives of young learners from the core.

In your experience, how do you handle setbacks or difficult moments in your coaching business, and what lessons have you learned from them?

In navigating the intricate landscape of the coaching business, one learns that the path to growth seldom aligns with our initial expectations. It is a journey marked not by ease and predictability but by the necessity for adaptability, continuous learning, and innovation. As professionals, we must cultivate a mindset that welcomes change, embracing flexibility as a core strength rather than a concession.

The pursuit of innovation should be relentless, urging us to remain open to new ideas and approaches that can enhance our impact. This journey is also deeply personal and spiritual, inviting us to engage in reflection and to seek guidance beyond our own understanding. Being attuned to and guided by one’s faith and intuition can serve as a powerful navigational tool in making decisions that align with our deepest values and missions.

Obstacles, though often perceived as barriers to success, are integral to our professional and personal growth. They challenge us to rise, to leverage our skills and resilience, and to demonstrate our commitment to our goals. Facing these challenges head-on is not just about overcoming them but about learning from them, growing stronger, and continuing to move forward with grace and determination.

Therefore, in addressing setbacks or difficult moments, the lessons are manifold. We learn the importance of adaptability, the value of continuous learning and innovation, the strength found in faith and intuition, and the transformative power of perseverance. These challenges are not merely obstacles but opportunities to refine our approach, to strengthen our resolve, and to deepen our impact. As we navigate these moments, we do so not alone but as part of a community of women who share a commitment to excellence, resilience, and mutual support

Besides your professional achievements, are there any personal values or philosophies that have significantly influenced the way you run your coaching business?

So, here’s the scoop: At the heart of it all, we’re all looking for a spot where we feel like we fit in. It’s like we’re all walking around with a sign that says, “Wanna feel safe, appreciated, and listened to.” With that in mind, I cooked up this cool approach called Relational Coaching.

This isn’t just about hitting targets or smashing goals. It’s about making sure everyone feels like they’re part of the team, that they matter, and that someone’s actually tuning in when they speak. It’s kinda like making sure everyone’s on the same wavelength, creating a space where everyone feels snug as a bug and ready to rock their goals. That’s the vibe we’re going for, and it’s what makes this whole coaching gig more than just a job—it’s about building a community where everyone gets to shine.

How do you differentiate your coaching approach from others in the industry, and what unique value do you bring to your clients?

In the bustling world of coaching, where strategies and models abound, our Relational Coaching team stands apart by embedding the essence of human connection into the framework of our engagements. Recognizing the universal yearning for belonging and understanding, we dive deep with our clients, guiding them in the strategic crafting and implementation of SMART Goals. These goals are not just about ticking boxes; they are designed to foster systemic stability, sensitivity, and a pervasive sense of safety within professional teams.

At the heart of our Relational Coaching Model lies a commitment to creating environments where every individual feels Safe, Valued, and Heard. This isn’t merely a feel-good factor; it’s a strategic tool. By nurturing such an environment, we unlock the potential for exponential growth, both for the individual and the organization. Our model emphasizes the development of a shared language around these core needs, granting team members the freedom and the framework to express their perspectives openly. This approach is instrumental in dismantling the barriers—often invisible—that deplete resources, erect walls, and sow seeds of misunderstanding within an organization.

Our unique value lies in this deeply relational approach, where the focus extends beyond mere professional development to encompass the holistic well-being of every team member. By doing so, we not only achieve the immediate objectives laid out by our SMART Goals but also cultivate a culture of mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration that propels the entire organization forward.

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced when starting your coaching business, and how did you overcome them?

Kicking off a coaching business threw a big curveball my way: the fear of waving goodbye to a stable paycheck. It’s like standing at the edge of a diving board for the first time, wondering if you should jump. The game-changer for me was a deep dive into self-awareness, recognizing the unique value I bring into every room I step into. This wasn’t just a pep talk in the mirror; it was about truly understanding my worth and the difference I could make.

With this newfound clarity, my mindset did a 180. I started to put pen to paper, not with tiny, timid dreams, but with goals that were as bold and broad as a billboard. It was about visualizing not just what I wanted to achieve, but the impact I wanted to have. This vision didn’t just give me a roadmap; it was the fuel for my launch into the business. By framing my journey not as leaving behind security, but as stepping towards making a significant difference, the path forward suddenly seemed not just possible, but inevitable.

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