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Larry the Architect | The Rapper Paving New Roads in Hip-hop



If the term “jack-of-all-trades” could be embodied by anyone in this generation’s music scene, it would almost certainly be attributed to Christian Jones Jr., more commonly known by his moniker, Larry the Architect. An emerging talent from the DMV area, Larry is demanding attention in an extraordinarily emphatic way. A gamer, a debater, a hoopster, and most importantly, an artist; Larry is an arsenal of versatility both in terms of his interests and his music, broadcasting an illustrious vibrancy in every venture he embarks upon.

Larry’s recent offering, the EP “Life’s Short Have Fun,” unveiled on July 27, 2023, underlines this narrative in a more intriguing tune. The record, a collection of five audacious tracks, boasts its prowess in versatile songwriting, profound lyrics, precise production, and a hard-hitting instrumental harmony. Our jaw-dropping favorite from the pack, “WIN (Get it!),” comes as an anthem packed with contagious appeal, fusing Larry’s distinctive cadence and flow into an immersive aural celebration. Deftly blending melodies and rhythms, this single, along with another crowd charmer, “Bounce,” have garnered staggering traction on Spotify.

Speaking to us about his journey in the realm of music, Larry doesn’t just recount events; he paints a vivid picture of his evolution as an artist. Radiating with confidence and grounded by his beliefs, he shares an inspiring philosophy that has served as his compass: do whatever you want to do.

While many find themselves trapped within the constraints of societal expectations, Larry’s fervent desire was always to break those chains. He didn’t just dream; he sought to manifest those dreams, turning his latent interests into a burning, lifelong passion. From humming tunes and jotting down lyrics in quiet moments during his younger years, Larry’s musical aspirations took a more concrete shape in 2021.

Despite launching his first single at 22, an age some might consider a late entry into the competitive world of music, Larry didn’t let doubt deter him. He stood steadfast in his belief, realizing that while societal timelines might label it a ‘late start’, true artistry defies such constraints. After all, it’s never really late when you are destined to arrive right on time, delivering your unique gift to the world.

From constant treks to the studio to his one-of-a-kind presence across social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Larry brings an infectious energy to every thread of the rich tapestry he weaves. Beyond these, he extends his remarkable narrative both through his tracks on Spotify and personal anecdotes shared on X (formerly Twitter) and his YouTube Channel.

Fueling his indomitable spirit was a support network he defines as the entertainment group – Cosmic Paradise – this ensemble of comrades fortified Larry’s confidence and propelled a YouTube channel and podcast, marking his incursion into the public sphere.

When asked to define his music to a first time listener, Larry chose the word “different.” Pursuing the path of continuous evolution allows Larry’s tracks to diverge from sameness. Larry’s music is a symphony of distinct notes and rhythms that tell stories, captivate minds and evoke thoughts, making every moment with his tunes a captivating experience.

Larry’s imploring message for all listeners is to “go for it.” His assurance lies in the belief that the prospect of never trying is more daunting than the risk of failure. His constant strive to sculpt his passion into his career underscores his unique charm.

So, what’s next on the horizon for this relentless artist? The future looks promising and pulsating with exciting releases. Larry is gearing up for a thrilling single drop slated for November 21, 2023. This single, which has already generated buzz among his devoted fanbase, is just the tip of the iceberg. Following that, the early months of 2024 promise the unveiling of an eagerly anticipated mixtape, a project that promises to further showcase his deepening artistry and evolving sound.

Striding towards new musical frontiers with ceaseless passion and audacity, Larry isn’t just making music; he’s making history. He continues to captivate and grow his fan base on platforms like Spotify and YouTube. With every release, Larry embodies his indefatigable zeal, showcasing his commitment not just to produce tracks, but to innovate and inspire. He’s not just in the game to make music; he’s here to reshape sonic landscapes, introduce fresh narratives, and churn out incredible music, meticulously crafting each project to ensure it’s not only heard but felt.

So let’s watch out for Larry the Architect as he indulges us with more architectural masterpieces, sculpting new narratives and experiences, and driving etchings of his talent deeper into the fabric of the music industry. With a track record of conquering doubt and surfing on the waves of resilience and creativity, there is no doubt that the world will be hearing a lot more about Larry’s marvels in the years to come.

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Franc | Emerging Strong in Indie Music



Franc - Music Artist

From the sprawling terrains of France, a rising indie sensation known as Franc is making waves on the music scene with his own unique blend of electronic music and indie vibes. Franc, pronounced ‘fræn,’ entered the music scene more than a decade ago, garnering inspiration from Daft Punk, Justice, and the broader French touch movement.

Franc began his music career by designing electronic music and slowly evolved to create an ingenious mash-up style, interspersing raw, indie beats and powerful lyrics, which resonate with a vast audience. Today, the versatile artist is known for his mesmerizing songs that transport listeners on a harmonic journey of familiar yet evocative landscapes.

Franc is no stranger to the excitement of new releases. He has just unveiled a new single titled “Memory Lane,” which he confesses to loving the most. The illustrious single is a nostalgic ode to places and people left behind, effectively conveying sentiments of reassurance. With its extremely relatable lyrics, impressive blend of synths and drums, and hypnotic vocals, “Memory Lane” is set to be a new favorite among his adoring fans.

This year has seen his popularity rise, but Franc promises that this is just the beginning. He is already preparing for 2024, teasing an exciting lineup of songs that will further solidify his place in the indie music arena. Whilst no official project is in the pipeline, Franc is diligently working on several tracks that could potentially morph into a cohesive EP, if the opportunity presents itself.

Franc’s music, which seamlessly intertwines a sense of nostalgia with hopeful optimism, is an emotional rollercoaster. Listeners are often left in a state of contemplation, navigating between overwhelming sadness and joyful anticipation. For Franc, music is a medium for encapsulating his deepest feelings – fear, sadness, optimism, and he aims to inspire listeners to navigate their inner thoughts and emotions just as he does.

Having been influenced by personal hardship, Franc delivers the profound message to aspiring artists that it often requires one to experience deep struggles to truly showcase their capabilities – a bitter truth that the artist himself grappled with during his early years in the music industry.

At 27, Franc has emerged as a great example of raw talent and consoling resilience, inviting his followers to embark on an unpredictable yet comforting journey through his music. If you wish to check out his music, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, or Spotify. With burrowing tunes and melodious sequences of surprise, Franc’s music is indeed, a journey worth taking. Music that resonates, liberates, and captivates – Franc is an indie artist worth watching as we roll into the new year.

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Kronowski’s ‘Amber’ | A Metal Odyssey of Passion and Precision




Kronowski, under the guidance of Adam Kronowski, has emerged as a significant force with the release of their debut full-length album “Amber” on October 26, 2023. This 41-minute masterpiece, comprising 11 tracks, is a rich tapestry of heavy and power metal, interwoven with contemporary elements, resonating with listeners grappling with their own battles.

Adam Kronowski, the mastermind behind Kronowski, brings a wealth of experience from his time at the Berklee College of Music. His expertise is evident right from the album’s opening track “Amber,” which immediately captivates any metalhead with its clear mix of drums, guitars, and vocals. This track sets the tone for the album, proving that Kronowski is more than a typical metal band; it’s a project with depth and sophistication.

The album’s standout track, “Dead Man,” has quickly become a favorite in various circles for its pristine production, zombie-like infused lyrics, and overall allure. Oh… and that awesome guitar solo around the 2:30 mark – WOW. This song, among others, highlights Adam’s prowess in music production, mixing, and mastering. “The Gauntlet” is another notable track that packs a punch with its relatable lyrics and impressive guitar work, likely to be a staple in many workout playlists.

Apart from these, the album features tracks like “Anything At All” and “Coming Home,” each showcasing Kronowski’s ability to traverse different musical landscapes while maintaining a cohesive sound. The diversity of the tracks speaks volumes about the band’s versatility and ambition.

Adam Kronowski’s personal journey, marked by his experiences with OCD and mental health issues, profoundly influences his songwriting. This personal touch adds a layer of emotional depth and authenticity to the lyrics, making Kronowski’s music not just a listening experience but an emotional sanctuary for many.

The production quality of “Amber” stands out, thanks to the collaboration with industry veterans such as Dennis Ward and Mika Jussila – each with their own respective impact to the polish of this album.

Kronowski’s fan base has been rapidly growing, with many listeners finding a connection with the band’s unique sound and lyrical depth. Fans of bands like Sabaton and Powerwolf have expressed their admiration for Kronowski’s music, emphasizing its unique place in the metal genre. The release of the official music video for the lead single “Amber,” directed by the renowned ZANE, is definitely worth a watch and something we highly recommend if you want to get a quick taste of this album.

“Amber” is now available on major streaming platforms, including Spotify and YouTube. This album is not just a collection of songs; it’s an odyssey through the heart of modern metal. It represents a confluence of emotion and technique, showcasing Adam Kronowski’s dedication to his craft.

In whole, “Amber” by Kronowski is a significant addition to the metal music landscape. It’s an album that combines technical proficiency with emotional depth, offering a fresh and modern perspective in a genre often characterized by intensity and power. With “Amber,” Kronowski is in his element… and we’re here for it.

Listen to “Amber” on Spotify and connect with Kronowski on Instagram, Twitter (X), and Tiktok.

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Akuu’s ‘Cold Cut’ | Rhymes, Rhythm, and Raw Power



Akuu - Hip Hop

In the dynamic world of hip-hop, Oregon-based artist Akuu, born Ravine Reedy, stands out with his latest single “Cold Cut.” This track is not just a song but a manifestation of Akuu’s journey, his resilience, and his unique artistry. Released on November 22nd, “Cold Cut” has already made waves, clinching the second spot in an LA-based competition and earning Akuu a ticket to the grand finals in Miami in 2024.

Born in Medford, Oregon, Akuu’s musical voyage began at the tender age of 15. His early life, marked by personal hardships and loss, particularly the demise of his father, deeply influenced his music. These experiences, though challenging, shaped Akuu into the artist he is today, with his music serving as a conduit for expressing his innermost emotions and struggles.

Cold Cut” is a testament to Akuu’s lyrical prowess and his ability to weave complex emotions into his music. The track is imbued with multi-syllable rhymes, alliteration, and a varied range of cadences, showcasing Akuu’s skill in wordplay and rhythm. The song’s aggressive tone and punchy lyrics make it an ideal addition to any workout or sports playlist, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

But Akuu’s music is more than just about rhythm and rhymes. It’s a medium for storytelling, a way to convey messages of hope, resilience, and understanding. Akuu’s approach to hip-hop is eclectic, blending different genres and writing styles. He infuses his lyrics with a mix of English and Japanese, reflecting his linguistic skills and cultural exposure during his three-year-long tryst with the language. This unique aspect sets him apart in the hip-hop community, offering a fresh perspective and sound.

Influenced by renowned artists such as Tech N9ne and Strange Music, Akuu’s music transcends traditional hip-hop boundaries. His songs are a reflection of his life’s journey, echoing his personal growth and adaptability. Beyond “Cold Cut,” his repertoire includes a trilogy of songs that delve into his past, present, and aspirations, resonating with a wide audience who find solace and inspiration in his music.

Akuu’s mission transcends entertainment; he aims to make music a powerful medium for individuals grappling with anxiety, depression, and anger. He wants his listeners to find purpose in their lives and to embrace their failures as part of their journey towards self-discovery. This message of empathy and understanding is a constant theme in his work, making his music not just enjoyable but also meaningful.

Active on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok, Akuu uses these channels to connect with his audience, share his art, and spread his message. These platforms have become spaces where he interacts with his fans, receiving feedback, and sharing moments of his life and creative process.

As Akuu continues to navigate the complex labyrinth of the music industry, he leaves a trail of inspiration and reassurance for his listeners. With every beat, rhyme, and verse, he reminds them to be resilient and unapologetic in their life journey. “Cold Cut” is a brilliant example of his commitment to his art and his audience, and it sets the stage for what we can expect from this promising artist in the future.

Discover more about Akuu and his compelling single “Cold Cut” on various platforms:

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