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Building A Successful Photography Business That Lasts With Mary Jane Cole



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It takes a lot of effort to keep a business running, as Mary Jane Cole knows all too well. 

The 25-year-old runs her own photography business called Mary Jane Cole Photography (MJCP), and more impressively, she does it all alone. I sat down with Cole to get the details on how MJCP was born, the challenges she faced, and her plans for the future.

Planting the Seed.

Cole always knew she wanted to be an artist. Right from the moment, she could hold a pencil, all she wanted to do was draw. Sleep be dammed.

Her love for Photography started a bit later. She found an old Nikon Coolpix while rummaging through a closet and started taking pictures of whatever caught her fancy. 

One thing led to the other, and before she knew it, people from all over her town were offering to pay her to take photos of their families. 

She wouldn’t realize it until much later, but this was a very significant moment in her life. It was the first time someone acknowledged her skill, saw value in it, and was willing to pay for it. 

This small moment was a seed that eventually bloomed into MJCP.

The Birth of MJCP

After graduating high school, Cole moved to Ventura, California, to pursue her art. Moving to California was a big decision with many risks, and for the first few months, Cole worked odd jobs. She saved up what little she could and was eventually able to buy a decent DSLR.

Cole knew that if she wanted to be successful as an artist, she had to improve her reach, so she posted her pictures on Instagram. She stumbled her way through a Facebook business account and had business cards printed out. 

They said Mary Jane Cole Photography.

Early days

In the early days, MJCP wasn’t the thriving, successful business that it is today. 

In the first place, Cole still worked a day job, so she could not devote as much time and energy as she’d have liked to MJCP. Her client base was sparse, and apart from the occasional $100 shoot here and there, she’d sometimes go weeks without a single client. 

But Cole was nothing if not persistent. “I think Passion and Persistence are both really important to make a living in Photography or any art. she said to me. “You are the only person holding yourself accountable for getting the work done and sometimes working long hours doing things that aren’t ‘fun.’ You face a lot of rejection, and you have to really want it. If the passion isn’t there, it won’t be worth it.” 

Cole’s passion drove her persistence, and she refused to give up. If anything, she only became more tenacious. “I gave my card to waitresses and retail workers anytime I was out and saw someone that I thought could fit a vision I had.” She says. “Every year, I put a little more work into building a portfolio and finding an editing style and buying camera equipment and trying to create an online presence.”

Taking the leap

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Cole was affected just like everybody else. However, she decided to turn this challenge into an opportunity. “the COVID-19 19 pandemic hit, and my hours were significantly reduced at my job. I had so much free time all of the sudden to work on my website and write advertisements and invest in marketing education.”

She worked on improving every aspect of her business throughout the lockdown period, and when the lockdown ended, she took a leap and quit her old job. 

The bookings have not stopped coming since.

Challenges: Efficiency vs. Authenticity

Running a business alone Is a lot of work, something Cole soon realized. She was in charge of every facet of the company, from customer relations to the actual shooting. 

She has always had a fierce independent streak, so she struggled to outsource any of her work. She wants to maintain the integrity of her work, and that would be compromised if she gave parts of her work to others. 

“I feel a lot of pride and responsibility for the work I do,” she says, “so I struggle a little bit with time management, sometimes not being able to delegate tasks or outsource. I want to always be honest about my work being solely my own. From a business standpoint, that limits my income ability and productivity a lot to do every part of the process, from the communication to editing alone. But I know my clients appreciate that I do what I do with integrity and a lot of passion.”

Resolving this conflict was one of the most significant challenges she has faced so far in her career. She said, “I’m learning my limits time-wise and energy-wise and becoming more organized to help streamline the parts of the process I can. I’ve had to learn to say no to projects I’m not passionate about to leave space for things that fit my vision and clients that value my work.”

The Future

Cole has a lot of plans. Big plans. One is her first solo gallery scheduled for completion next year. She’s also thinking about starting a culture collective, custom clothing, and even ar magazine.

Her words perfectly capture her dreams for the future.

“I basically want the future to be more of the present, but hopefully on a bigger scale.”

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RoseBaie Paris | The French Haircare Revolution Ready to Conquer America




If you have not yet heard the name RoseBaie Paris, forget what you know about haircare and prepare to be inspired – you have been missing out on the quintessential French elegance, turned into a practical solution for weakened hair. The French creators of this high-end beauty brand ventured all the way to Australia in their quest to find a cosmetics product gentle on delicate tresses. After trialling their findings, they headed back home to infuse them with the abiding spirit of French aesthetic, ensuring effectiveness meets sustainability.

Central to RoseBaie Paris is the belief in utilizing products that not only make women feel and look good but do so in a responsible way that protects the world around us. The brand’s promise of sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free products makes them a beloved choice among conscious consumers.

So far, success has been the game for this premium brand. The journey started in 2020, and within three years, they had their products on the shelves of over 4,000 pharmacies across France. From this strong base, the brand has navigated into ten more countries across Europe, building a solid reputation for premium quality and ethical production. Visit their website or check out their Instagram for more details.

After their successful stride across Europe, the brand has its eyes on America. The intention is to revamp the American haircare market by offering sustainable solutions that equate to luxury. Their clientele of stylish intellectuals, fearless athletes, devoted mothers, and influential trend-setters are set to inspire American women to embrace their beauty ritual anew. Prompt delivery, excellent customer service, easy returns, and secure payment options on their online platforms are expected to make the journey a breeze.

The brand is more than just about shampoo and hair masks. It stands for versatility, catering to the needs of women who like to experiment with their appearance and change their hairstyles, cuts, and colors as they please. Aware of this consumer demand, RoseBaie Paris meticulously aims to provide a beauty ritual most suited to their needs without compromising on the environment.

Built on the vision that a woman’s hairstyle is an extension of her persona, RoseBaie products cater to women across the spectrum, regardless of their hair types or preferences. They extend the irresistible invitation to purchase an array of products separately or savor the “Routine Box” for a comprehensive hair care regimen.

Evidently, RoseBaie Paris has rewritten the rules of haircare, promoting a harmonious blend of style, strength, and sustainability. As the brand readies itself to impress discerning American consumers, stay tuned to explore more about the fantastic ranges and what they could add to your self-care protocols. The history of RoseBaie Paris is a testament to the efficacy of their vision, and with the outstanding quality of their products already winning hearts across Europe, America could well be the next region to fall under the RoseBaie spell.

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Hagent | Fusing Timeless Design, Quality Craftsmanship and an Eco-Conscious Approach




Hagent, the Vienna-based bag label, stands out in the fast-paced world of fashion trends by passionately embracing an inverse approach—slow luxury. As a young company crafting its signature leather backpacks in the heart of Italy, Hagent champions timeless designs, uncompromised quality, and environmental accountability. True to its name—a blend of ‘handcraft’ and ‘gentlemen’—the label showcases a remarkable fusion of design excellence and traditional craftsmanship.

Characterised by their distinctive edges and corners, and meticulously handcrafted over three days, each Hagent backpack is the epitome of ‘Slow Luxury.’ The concept defies the transient nature of fashion, embracing durability and timeless design. Hagent’s unique ethos is personified in its two strikingly different black calfskin models. What sets these luxurious bags apart is the option to select between straps composed of exquisite calfskin or woven Italian fabric.

Hagent looks beyond gender and encourages a lifestyle that celebrates the joy of living, underpinned by virtues such as elegance, respect, manners and class. The underlying principle of style over fashion ingrained in the company’s values highlights a shared passion for quality workmanship and environmental responsibility among all employees. This shared belief not only fosters a sense of community but creates a tight knit, sustainable ecosystem where each contributor plays a vital role.

Consistent with its commitment to sustainable practices, Hagent ensures a minimal ecological footprint by sourcing materials directly from traditional Italian suppliers, prioritising eco-friendly procurement strategies. The label exclusively uses premium Italian calf leather recognised by the European Commission’s Green Life project for its commitment to leading sustainability practices in tanneries. This ensures over 85% traceability for individual hides, adherence to strict animal welfare standards, and endorsement of the Five Freedoms of Animals.

Moreover, Hagent supports a short supply chain, advocates against overproduction, and discourages wasteful disposal of excess products. In addition to paying close attention to leather selection, the company diligently picks each component it uses, such as metal hardware and woven cotton for straps.

Hagent’s products, completely handpicked and responsibly sourced, are the epitome of slow luxury. With each bag taking its design cues from the principles of longevity, waste reduction and classic aesthetic appeal, the company is contributing positively to society and the environment.

Embodying an ethos that prioritises employees’ well-being and promotes a healthy work-life balance, Hagent’s work culture is a reflection of its values – respect, equality and accountability. Keeping the employees at the heart of the organization, Hagent ensures adequate pay, encourages disconnection from work outside of official operating hours, and nurtures an environment promoting mental health and productivity.

In sum, Hagent is not merely manufacturing bags; it is crafting stories imbued with timeless elegance, ethical consciousness, unparalleled craftsmanship and outstanding durability. Making a statement for environmental preservation while reviving the desire for long-term & consistent use of bags, Hagent is truly an emerging luxury label worthy of close attention.

One last thing worth mentioning is that a Hagent bag isn’t just for now—envisioned to accompany its owner for a lifetime, it’s meant to bear witness to the personal narratives and transformative milestones of its wearer. So, whether you’re venturing into professional domains, embarking on adventurous travels or simply enjoying your leisure time, a Hagent is the perfect, sustainable accessory to add to your story. And who knows? It might just become a cherished heirloom for the next generation.

Explore the unique world of Hagent’s slow luxury by visiting their website, and for more insights and inspiration, follow their journey on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

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Hop N Haul | Leading the Eco-Wave in Junk Removal Across Granada Hills



Hop N Haul - Junk Hauling in Grenada Hills

In the bustling communities of Granada Hills and the San Fernando Valley, Hop N Haul stands out as a beacon of clutter-free living. Founded by Jose in March 2023, this family-owned business is not just another junk removal company; it’s a testament to the dedication and eco-conscious ethos that drives its operations.

Hop N Haul’s journey began with a simple truck and a mission to keep the community clean. From humble beginnings, it has grown into the go-to junk removal service in Granada Hills, CA, and surrounding areas. But what truly sets Hop N Haul apart is its commitment to sustainability. Understanding the importance of environmental conservation, the company focuses on recycling practices, especially with materials like cardboard, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint.

This commitment extends to both residential and commercial services. Homeowners seeking to revitalize their living spaces or gardeners grappling with yard waste find an ally in Hop N Haul. Commercial entities, especially restaurants undergoing renovations or needing regular waste management, benefit from the company’s tailored and professional approach. Even in specialized scenarios, like removing old bathtubs or appliances, Hop N Haul ensures that each item is disposed of responsibly.

Transparency and fairness are core principles at Hop N Haul. Customers can expect upfront estimates and no hidden charges, a policy that builds trust and credibility in the community. Furthermore, the company prides itself on efficiency. Whether it’s a last-minute junk hauling request or a scheduled cleanout, they guarantee a hassle-free experience.

Being a local business, Hop N Haul has a deep understanding of the needs of communities from North Hollywood to Simi Valley. By choosing their services, customers not only receive top-notch junk removal but also support a local business that’s deeply embedded in the community.

Hop N Haul’s service range is extensive. They offer furniture, hot tub, mattress, appliance, and yard waste removal, along with cardboard recycling. Whether it’s a residential cleanout, a commercial project, or dealing with the complexities of hoarding cleanouts, they have the expertise and equipment to manage it efficiently.

Their process reflects their commitment to customer satisfaction and simplicity. Upon contact, they schedule a visit to provide a free estimate. If the price is agreeable, they immediately get to work. This hassle-free process is designed to ease the burden of junk removal and junk hauling for their clients.

Hop N Haul’s eco-friendly approach to junk removal makes them a valuable asset to the communities they serve. From North Hills to Santa Clarita and beyond, they are a symbol of how business can be conducted with care for the planet and the people. For those looking to clear the clutter while caring for the environment, Hop N Haul in Granada Hills, CA, is a clear choice.

Eager to embrace a greener, cleaner space? Contact Hop n Haul now! Check out their website, connect on Facebook, or call 818-860-6658 for your free quote. Join the eco-conscious community choosing Hop n Haul for a clutter-free life.

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