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Peter Casey | Echoes of Love, Loss, and Self-Discovery in Dublin’s Rising Musical Star



In the panoramic tapestry of Ireland’s rich musical tradition, a new and bold voice is painting its way into the landscape. Enter Dublin’s own Peter Casey, a rising star on the precipice of making his indelible mark in the world of Pop, RnB, and Folk Pop fusion. With his debut EP ‘Holding Out’ set for a June 1st release, Casey ventures on a deeply personal journey that he invites us all to join.

No artist is born in a vacuum, and the roots of Casey’s musical prowess trace back to his formative years, where his father, a seasoned musician and entertainer, sowed the seeds of his creative path. Watching his father onstage was akin to a master class in the art of captivating an audience, the pulsating beats echoing the heartbeat of Casey’s own burgeoning passion.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of global sensations Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran, Casey’s music crafts a rich tapestry of acoustic and electronic melodies that resonate with his listeners on a deeply personal level. And much like his musical heroes, Casey hopes his own artistry will serve as a beacon of light, a salve for those looking for a little encouragement, a sense of comfort, connection, and inspiration.

What makes Casey’s music so engaging? Look no further than his keen ability to tap into the intricacies of human emotion. The key themes that echo through his repertoire are universal—love, loss, and self-discovery. There’s an unspoken magic in this triumvirate of the human experience, a unique charm that draws listeners into the story of his lyrics, connecting and uplifting.

His forthcoming EP ‘Holding Out’ encapsulates this sentiment, an introspective exploration that serves as both a mirror and a window to his own life and his listeners. Not one to rest on his laurels, Casey promises two more EPs this year, one penned with Multi-Grammy Award Winner Malik Yusef. This collaboration promises an exciting new dimension to his burgeoning discography, adding another layer of anticipation for what’s to come.

But before the EP drops, Dublin’s town centre will be set ablaze with Casey’s electrifying performance on May 31st. A homecoming of sorts, this live show is bound to be a cathartic celebration of his journey thus far and a taste of the sonic feast in ‘Holding Out.’

What lies ahead for this Dublin talent? One thing is for sure: he would be “greatly honoured” to work with Bruno Mars. With Mars’ known genius on stage and in the studio, such a collaboration would undoubtedly result in a sonic symphony of seismic proportions.

As we await the release of ‘Holding Out,’ it’s clear that Peter Casey is not just holding out for a dream; he’s living it. A new voice in the world of Pop, Folk, and RnB fusion, Casey is weaving a vibrant story in the fabric of the music industry.

Keep abreast with Peter Casey’s musical journey through his Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and Spotify. Pre-save ‘Holding Out’ on Apple Music here and immerse yourself in a sonic journey through love, loss, and self-discovery.

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From Cumbria to the Cosmos | Amanda’s Electrifying Musical Journey



Amanda Tinkler

In the quiet hamlet of Cumbria, a star was born – Amanda. With a passion for music sparked in her early childhood, Amanda has since danced across the vast stage of the music industry, leaving an indelible trail of melody in her wake.

Her journey truly began in 2002, when she graced the small screen of the popular UK TV show “Stars in their Eyes.”Amanda wasn’t just another participant; she was a shining beacon of youthful talent. Notably, she was the first to be selected for the children’s edition of the show, a testament to her exceptional prowess. The host, Matthew Kelly, publicly hailed her as the very embodiment of the reason behind the creation of the Kids’ version.

It’s not just her early start that distinguishes Amanda, though. Following her TV debut, she gained increasing traction, performing at festivals and events throughout the UK. There, she shared the limelight with heavyweights like Elton John, Westlife, Boyzone, The Sugababes, McFly, and The Hoosiers. It wasn’t long before Boyzone extended an invitation for her to accompany them on their sold-out tour across the UK and Ireland, an opportunity that led Amanda to perform in prestigious venues like the O2, Wembley, and the MEN.

A true music aficionado, Amanda’s talents extend far beyond her enchanting vocals. As a gifted songwriter, she has co-authored award-winning songs for artists like Raisa. Moreover, her ability to craft compelling narratives through her music has made her a sought-after collaborator for ad campaigns, notably featuring The Paris Saint Germain Soccer Team, Cil, and Andrea Pirlo.

Now, Amanda is back in the spotlight with her latest release, “Rush.” This captivating track is a brilliant convergence of electro-pop and disco, characterized by Amanda’s silky vocals, punctuated by the rich symphony of disco strings. The driving melodies and vibrant arrangements are reminiscent of the golden era of disco, with an unmistakable modern twist.

“Rush” is not just a song; it’s an invitation to surrender to the rhythm, to relinquish inhibitions, and to embrace the exhilarating journey of life. Amanda articulates her intention behind the track, stating, “I’d love for my music to give others that safe space to just be and feel without boundaries.” And that is precisely what “Rush” achieves.

Produced by Antonio Dixon, the mastermind behind hits for artists like Ariana Grande and Beyoncé, “Rush” is a testament to Amanda’s evolving sound and growing prominence in the music world. When asked about a dream collaboration, Amanda mentions Kaytranada, citing his intricate music production as an inspiring force.

As she continues to captivate audiences with her fresh releases, Amanda is also working on an upcoming EP, set to drop this fall. If “Rush” is any indication, we can anticipate an EP filled with electric rhythms, sweeping melodies, and the potent emotional resonance that has become Amanda’s signature.

From her humble beginnings in Cumbria to sharing stages with industry legends and winning international acclaim, Amanda continues to push boundaries and redefine the sonic landscape. With her new single, “Rush,” and the anticipated EP, Amanda has proven that she is not just a star in the cosmos of music; she is a fiery comet, illuminating the path for the next generation of artists.

Check out “Rush” and join Amanda on her thrilling musical journey. You can find her on Instagram at @amandatinkler and on YouTube at Amanda.

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Jordan Michelle | Punk Rock, Healing, and the Power of Music



Jordan Michelle

No one should judge a book by its cover. And Jordan Michelle, the former Miss USA pageant, made it clear when she entered the industry of punk rock music.

The Los-Angeles based artist has entertained a huge following with her fresh-faced appearance and relatable hits. Don’t hesitate to see what she has in store for her followers.

About Jordan Michelle

Jordan Michelle was born in New York on the outskirts of Manhattan. Music had always been a part of her life, even before she entered the beauty pageant contest. She was privileged to be born into a wealthy family.

Growing up, Jordan Michelle’s father would take her and her brother to see concerts of legendary artists such as Peter Gabriel, The Walls, and Roger Waters, among others.

Behind Jordan Michelle’s Name

Jordan Michelle took up the name of his late brother to honor him. His passing indirectly guided her toward her current position. She was going to take up a career along the law or finance lines had it not been for her brother’s untimely passing because of drugs.

Jordan Michelle is not only an accomplished singer, but she also uses her platforms to raise awareness about mental health and addiction problems.

From A Beauty Pageant To A Punk Rock Artist

Molding herself up as a Miss USA pageant, Jordan Michelle had a good start in establishing attention to her name. It provided a life lesson to her, teaching her how to love herself despite all the stress and anxiety that comes with being a music artist.

Although she loves music and singing, she never thought of herself as good enough to be who she is today. Being true to yourself is the biggest pride that Jordan Michelle holds. No matter how fake the rest of the world is, you still got yourself, and you can still do wonders for yourself if you try.

Jordan Michelle describes herself as multifaceted and can put herself in diverse situations. As a versatile singer, her music has striking diversity. She can either be the wild party girl singing about getting drunk or the philosophical one writing and singing about deep and meaningful stuff.

Jordan Michelle On The Power Of Music

For Michelle, music is the only thing that lets her speak her mind without filters. Her single, “have a nice life,” is an angry song that most people can relate to. It is about someone who used to be a close friend and then did you dirty. You can’t literally say damned words to someone on the face, but songs can.

All in all, music is her escape, her outlet, and her source of healing. Jordan Michelle finds healing in her songs. That’s a beautiful thing about being able to confront the pain through writing and singing and moving on from it.

She is an independent artist who believes that you don’t need a major label to become successful in the music industry. Being independent can lower the stress that comes from negative remarks and comments given by labels. The only thing you need to focus on is getting better with each passing day.

Aside from her musical endeavor, Jordan Michelle also plans to launch her own cosmetic line. With a dermatologist as a mother, she is acquainted with skincare.

The world is eagerly waiting for the singer to announce the release of her new album. She affirms that the album is taking shape and will be released as soon as possible. Be one of the first people to learn about the upcoming release. You can stay connected with the singer on her Instagram page.

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The Sektorz | Unapologetically Audacious, Eclectic, and Ingenious



The Sektorz

Introducing the vibrant force, The Sektorz, a sonic architect who weaves sonic tapestries as eclectically as a seasoned traveler gathers postcards from around the world. Fueled by the rhythmic rigor of Dutch hardstyle and hardcore techno legends such as Angerfist, this electrifying music producer, Rado, has paved his own path in the realm of electronic dance music (EDM).

Debuting in 2008, The Sektorz has crafted an expansive discography exceeding 120 tracks across genres as diverse as hardstyle, electro house, trap, dubstep, and ambient. With his sonic palette and the capacity to deliver relentless energy or soulful, emotive soundscapes, he has become an audacious virtuoso who dares to dream and delivers beyond expectations.

His pulsating trap tracks like “Crypto” and “Stay Mad” are an unmissable testament to this audacity. Laden with heavy bass lines, occasionally distorted for an extra edge, and equipped with catchy hooks, they’re bound to draw in first-time listeners. The lyrical minimalism serves to spotlight the evocative undertones and symbolic song titles, which slyly hint at his socio-cultural perspectives. One can easily decode his inclination towards wordplay in the provocatively titled “Hoelywood” and the societal critique laced “Deludead Society”.

In the ever-evolving digital era, The Sektorz’s music has found a stronghold within the TikTok universe. His track “I love you! Sike!” encapsulates his penchant for playful expressions and is now the soundtrack to countless viral moments. His music underscores workouts, long drives, and even global brand campaigns, video games, and movies. It’s heartening to witness how his passion has manifested into a lucrative endeavor without diluting the authenticity of his art.

Moreover, his ability to adapt and experiment extends beyond music production. Case in point, his venture into game development with “Speakerman” and “Speakerman 2” on Steam, which also double as platforms for showcasing his music.

Despite his triumphs, The Sektorz maintains a humility that binds him to his roots. His aspiration to collaborate with lesser-known artists such as Angerfist and DJ Coone from the hard dance music scene reflects his genuine appreciation for the genre. Yet, he isn’t one to shy away from the mainstream either. His dream list includes cross-genre collaborations with popular artists like Post Malone, Lil Nas X, Drake, and Travis Scott.

Presently, The Sektorz is orchestrating a harmonious time-travel to 2015, the glorious days of bigroom electro house, with a new album in the works. His intent to rekindle the magic of iconic hits like Martin Garrix’s “Animals” is evidence of his conviction to reintroduce the genre to the contemporary music scene. Concurrently, he’s working on a trap album, an affirmation to his recent success in the genre.

Fans looking forward to live performances might have to curtail their expectations, as The Sektorz has retired from DJing to focus more on producing. It’s a tough call but a strategic one. His love for crafting music and monetizing through publishing and licensing has found its sweet spot.

Despite his shift towards trap music and viral house music, The Sektorz promises that hardstyle, the genre that kick-started his journey, is not far behind in his musical roadmap. His unconventional approach, willingness to experiment, and audacious spirit are what make The Sektorz a compelling figure in today’s EDM landscape. One thing is for sure – he will continue to redefine norms, break barriers, and excite listeners with his ingenious creations.

Stay tuned to The Sektorz’s exciting journey on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

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