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Are You #FakingIt or #KeepingItReal at Work?



There’s something to be said about positive thinking in the workplace, and it’s popular to find a work environment that advocates positivity. Of course, there’s no denying the impact of a positive mindset on work-life, but is it the only way to go?

It’s debatable if faking being happy at work can impact your productivity, but there’s much to be said about toxic work culture that negatively affects your physical and mental life.

In Samantha Quick’s article titled, “Stop Faking It Until You Make It,” she shares her story and spreads awareness about the toxicity of work culture in the present times.

Should you fake being happy at work?

Samantha recounts how she became a leader at the young age of just 21. Looking back, Samantha realizes how she needed to be at convincing herself and others around her that she was happy with her job as the Resident Director when she was at the Pratt Institute for Communication Design.

From being ecstatic about her role as a leader for the first time, her unwavering positive mindset about her field of work at the time is what she describes as her first time faking it at work. While she was initially happy about joining the workforce, when she got an unexpected call from her boss informing her of a student who had died by suicide on what was to be her first day of work broke her in so many ways she no longer found happiness at her job.

However, she put on a brave face and faced every day like she could handle everything that life threw her way. Like Samantha, most people feel the need to look tough and confident even when that’s not the reality. There’s an overwhelming pressure to fake your feelings and emotions, especially in a working environment where they say one person’s mood can affect the rest of the team. And no one wants to be the cause of distress, so you take the high road and fake being happy, confident, and satisfied when you don’t want anything to do with the job.

People do this not out of the intention of faking it at work but as a manifestation of blind optimism. This blind optimism also led Samantha to panic every time the phone rang because she never truly moved on from that first initial phone call from her boss.

To top it off, her position as a leader didn’t make it easier, and it made her harder on herself because she was to take the lead on projects and guide a whole team while targeting maximum productivity.

Why are people not keeping it real at the workplace?

Many people go through this dilemma. It’s tough for people in power to show vulnerability because you don’t want to seem like you’re not fit for the job. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, which forces people to create a web of lies they tell themselves, like “this is my dream job” and “I’m happy where I am.”

There are so many books, videos, talk shows, and podcasts about authentic leadership and how to be successful. But none of these will make you feel okay with your position until you start to keep it real.

There’s intense pressure for many people regarding their work-life; they need to be mentally strong, vigilant, productive and spread positivity within the workspace. Of course, there’s no denying that these thoughts are good for business, but is it perfect for your mental well-being?

Why is it so essential to hustle?

Slogans like “Too inspired to be tired!” and “Work for it more than you hope for it” were created to motivate people. Still, it harms the work culture because now people are forced to fake being happy, motivated, and satisfied with their jobs.

If the 2020 pandemic has taught us anything, many people will suffer from mental unrest regarding productivity guilt. As a society, we’ve been pruned and molded only to think positive thoughts and always give our best because that’s the work culture that everyone is forced to instill. Yet, when everything was toppled upside down because of the pandemic, people started feeling extremely stressed out for not doing enough and disappointed in themselves for not reaching their potential.

On the other hand, another section of the population felt at ease and happy with all their responsibilities lowered. Without commuting to a place they dreaded and sitting at a desk they didn’t like or being in an environment that gave them extreme stress, they experienced a satisfying sense of relief.

Where does the pressure come from?

The pressure that social media is putting out to be the best of the best in every situation isn’t helping the matter at all. Everyone is posting about all the fun things they are doing with their lives, creating the persona of the ideal life, which supposedly can only come from hard work and hustle. This makes the idea in the audience’s minds that they’re not doing enough and need to push themselves to reach multiple goals, which are sometimes unrealistic.

This is what we mean by productivity guilt. People are dragging their mental and physical health through the dirt to get validation from people they don’t know.

Samantha recounts when she hit her lowest, working multiple full-time jobs, freelancing, and contracting simultaneously. She was living the life of the #girlboss that everyone was striving for, and it was all happening for her until her body decided it was enough and shut down. Even then, she chose to keep faking it and went to work every day because she feared being looked down upon for taking sick leaves.

Such is the toxicity of living a fake happy work life. You show everyone your best traits and work tirelessly because you feel the burden of your responsibility in inspiring someone and motivating your colleagues. But you’re not the person they see at the end of the day, so you’re still drowning in all your stress and anxiety. Perhaps, the fake life you portray to your colleagues could put them under pressure; to be as “perfect” as you are and set off the cycle of productivity guilt and never being enough.

Closing Thoughts:

There’s an alarming rise in the need for validation among many youngsters, killing their mental health. The constant need to be busy and feeling guilty for the 5 minutes of downtime you take cause concern.

Until Samantha finally experienced burnout, she never stopped faking it. And through her article, she has shed light on a very significant problem within the society that everyone shares at some point but never talks about. Her changed mindset on the #girlboss culture is an inspiring story to help change the way people look at the hustle culture.

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Ticket to Paradise | Ensuring Front Row Access with Presale.Codes




In the dynamic world of live entertainment, one platform stands out as the definitive guide for those who crave a front-row seat to their favorite events. That platform is Presale.Codes, a digital solution designed to empower fans and music enthusiasts alike by providing invaluable presale passwords for upcoming concerts, sporting events, and more. With a focus on customer satisfaction and dedication to supporting the resurgence of live events, Presale.Codes has emerged as a trusted and sought-after resource in the industry.

At its core, Presale.Codes functions as more than just a website; it’s a thriving community of concert-goers, ticket brokers, personal assistants, and concierge services. This platform’s primary objective is to provide a comprehensive database of presale codes that members can utilize to secure the best seats at their favorite events before tickets become available to the general public. Through their meticulously curated and regularly updated platform, Presale.Codes has garnered an extensive customer base that regularly relies on their expertise to access an array of sought-after events.

Presale codes or passwords function as early-access tickets to the world of live entertainment. During the designated presale period, which can span from just a few hours to several weeks, these codes enable enthusiasts to purchase tickets before the general public rush. These presale codes can be conveniently entered on popular ticketing websites such as or Each presale listed on Presale.Codes also provides a link to the official box office for a secure and transparent ticket-buying experience, ensuring every transaction made is at face value.

One unique aspect of presale codes is the concept of Fan Club Presales. These are special codes offered to members of a specific group, such as a band’s fan club, or to season ticket holders. Fan Club Presales typically involve single-use passwords that expire once used, ensuring their exclusivity. However, Presale.Codes respects this individual exclusivity and does not share these specific codes. Instead, the platform is committed to providing codes that are accessible to all, thereby maintaining a balance between exclusivity and democratic access.

One of the primary strengths of Presale.Codes lies in the platform’s commitment to real-time updates. The world of live entertainment is constantly evolving, with new events, changes, and presale opportunities arising at any given moment. To this end, Presale.Codes strives to keep their database as current as possible, reflecting market conditions and presale availability in real-time. This commitment to constant updates and accurate information makes Presale.Codes a reliable resource for anyone seeking early access to the hottest tickets in town.

While Presale.Codes can’t guarantee that all presales will be listed, they continually strive to publish as many as they can. On any given day, they average anywhere from thirty to sixty percent of available presales. Regardless of whether it’s a concert, a sporting event, or even championship playoffs, if there’s a presale code to be found, you can bet that Presale.Codes is actively hunting it down.

However, the services of Presale.Codes aren’t limited to just the United States and Canada. While these are currently their primary focus areas, they aspire to extend their reach to music and sports enthusiasts worldwide. They believe that no fan, no matter their location, should be denied the opportunity to secure a front-row seat to see their favorite performers.

Speaking of performers, Presale.Codes has been instrumental in facilitating access to concerts of some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. From legendary rock bands such as Aerosmith and Pearl Jam to pop icons like Charlie Puth and Pitbull, Presale.Codes has been the go-to platform for procuring presale codes for these performances and many more. The platform caters to a wide array of tastes, providing access to events spanning numerous music genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

However, it’s essential to note that while Presale.Codes is a comprehensive source of presale information, they do not sell tickets directly, nor do they sell individual presale passwords or offer codes. Instead, they offer an affordable membership plan that provides full-access to all of the presale information listed on their website. This subscription can be canceled at any time, providing flexibility and freedom to its members.

What truly sets Presale.Codes apart from others in the industry is not just the sheer quantity of presale codes they offer, but the community they’ve built around their platform. Their dedication to supporting live entertainment and ensuring every fan has a fair opportunity to enjoy their favorite artists firsthand has solidified their position in the industry. For anyone seeking the thrill of a live performance, Presale.Codes is the key to unlocking a world of unforgettable experiences. Their commitment to their members, combined with their vast and comprehensive database, makes them a reliable companion in the quest for front-row access to the world’s most exciting events.

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Bulletproof Music International | Elevating Talents to New Heights



Bulletproof Music International

Sounding a resounding gong in the global music industry, a bold and fresh player has risen from the picturesque city of Lucerne, Switzerland. Established by the Swiss rap prodigy, EAZ, also known as Arber Rama, Bulletproof Music International (BPMI) has been setting the music industry ablaze since its inception on September 2, 2022. Boosted by a slew of financial backers and a daring vision to challenge the global music sphere, BPMI targets to onboard gifted artists with a fire in their bellies and an ambition for outstanding accomplishments.

A gem nestled in the heart of Switzerland, Lucerne is where BPMI has planted its flag, and from this vantage point, it is carefully curating a roster of musicians. Currently, the label boasts the talents of EAZ and Donat, with a mysterious third talent, already well-known on the global stage, waiting in the wings. This imminent announcement promises to send waves of anticipation through the international music community.

BPMI places its commitment at the forefront of its mission, dedicated to amplifying the careers of its signed artists. The label is set on providing an optimal platform replete with resources, industry knowledge, and opportunities, to ensure their talents achieve unprecedented success on the global stage. Anchored by a dynamic and seasoned team, BPMI is poised to engrave its name in the annals of music history and facilitate the journey of its artists towards stardom.

A key element of the label’s strategy is its focus on collaborative ventures, although initial concentration remains on the growth of its own artists. BPMI’s artists are gearing up to showcase their latest tracks, with exciting releases slated for summer 2023. This is certain to be a season filled with electrifying melodies and unprecedented innovation.

BPMI is also stepping into the spotlight of branding, creating an unforgettable image for its artists, hand-in-hand with the launch of their new tracks. The anticipation is palpable, with whispers of groundbreaking music about to take the industry by storm.

Particularly thrilling is the upcoming “Juicy Tour,” led by BPMI’s founder, EAZ, starting in October. This rising star has already created waves in the Swiss rap scene, achieving top rankings on the official Swiss single charts with chartbusters like “Motivé” and “Juicy.” Beyond just his native Switzerland, EAZ has wowed international audiences, evidenced by the millions of streams of his music on Spotify and Apple Music.

Well-versed in various languages, including dialect, Albanian, and English, EAZ has the uncanny ability to infuse his music with a unique melodic flair that transcends borders. He’s even been featured on Snoop Dogg’s track “Make Some Money,” proving his mettle on an international level. Already recognized and nominated for a Swiss Music Award, EAZ is set to dazzle audiences across the globe on his inaugural tour.

To dive deeper into the world of BPMI, follow their journey on Instagram and through their official website. These platforms offer an immersive glimpse into the workings of this revolutionary label, its artists, and their upcoming ventures. Bulletproof Music International, with its unyielding commitment to its artists and indomitable spirit, is unmistakably a label to watch closely as it charts its own course in the global music industry.

Follow and connect with BPMI using the following links, below:


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Sr. Roy Andrade | The Tech Titan Driving Crypto, Gaming, and Cybersecurity Innovation



Sr. Roy Andrade

In the vibrant realm of technology, certain trailblazers push the limits, leveraging innovation to change the world. One such trendsetter is Sr. Roy Andrade, the energetic CTO of Cyber Boy Corp., a man on a mission, whose remarkable journey is deeply rooted in the crypto market, the gaming sector, and the realm of entrepreneurship.

The Crypto Connoisseur
From the lush, lux surroundings of Beverly Hills, California, Sr. Roy Andrade embarked on his adventure with a profound curiosity about cryptocurrencies. This fascination led him to substantial investments in the digital realm, most notably owning 1 billion Shiba Inu tokens and 92 thousand Cronos. But this tech titan’s crypto journey doesn’t end here.

With an unwavering resolve, Sr. Andrade has ambitious plans to launch his own token on Coinbase. This venture not only reaffirms his faith in the transformative power of blockchain but also marks his audacious step towards sculpting the future of finance.

The Game Developer Dynamo
But Sr. Andrade is not merely a crypto enthusiast; he’s also a visionary game developer. With a talented team, he has ventured into the thrilling arena of 3D game development, his first offering being an eagerly anticipated chess game set to enchant the Apple and Android Store audiences soon.

By embracing state-of-the-art technology, Sr. Andrade is venturing beyond conventional norms to shape a unique, immersive gaming experience. This endeavor underscores his dedication to innovation and a commitment to engaging entertainment.

The Scholarly Magnate
Despite his entrepreneurial pursuits, Sr. Andrade never overlooks the importance of personal growth and education. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Phoenix, this multifaceted mogul exemplifies that success is a continuum propelled by knowledge, discipline, and self-improvement.

The Social Media Maestro
Understanding the vital role of social media in shaping personal branding, Sr. Andrade has amassed a remarkable digital following. With over 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 123 thousand on Facebook, his rapidly expanding digital footprint amplifies the CyberBoy brand, enabling global audience engagement.

Building A Technological Titan: Cyber Boy Corp.
Sr. Roy Andrade’s grand vision is to etch Cyber Boy Corp. into the fabric of the tech world. His unwavering commitment to innovation keeps him at the leading edge of technology, ensuring that Cyber Boy Corp. consistently delivers groundbreaking products and solutions. This commitment has been instrumental in steering Cyber Boy Corp. through various stages of growth, launching successful product lines, and ensuring a strategic and financially stable trajectory for the company.

Under Sr. Andrade’s leadership, Cyber Boy Corp. has flourished as a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for public and private sectors, tackling threats from hackers and malicious actors. His expertise in cybersecurity and knack for innovative strategies have been pivotal in elevating the company to new heights.

The Chief Financial Officer of Cyber Boy Corp., Shawn Anderson, encapsulates the energy and drive of Sr. Andrade perfectly, “He doesn’t sleep. He is always working. Always reading. Always strategizing. Roy reminds himself of John 5:17, drinks his coffee and soldiers on!”

It’s crystal clear that Sr. Roy Andrade’s contribution to the tech world is significant. As his brand, Cyber Boy Corp., continues to thrive and innovate, we can undoubtedly expect to hear more about this vibrant entrepreneur in the future. His journey thus far, from his crypto investments, to game development, to his pursuit of higher education, is a testament to his unyielding resolve to drive change in the world of technology. Watch this space as Sr. Roy Andrade continues to innovate, inspire, and impact.

Get in touch with and keep track of Sr. Roy Andrade and Cyber Boy Corp below:

Instagram: @sr.royandrade
Facebook: sr.royandrade
Website: www.CyberBoyCorp.c

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